A dice called “Life”


Sitting under the Tamarind tree a question always rattles memy beloved one’s often comment on me, but do they really know what they are doing to me………

An anguished person full of rage, feeling like a bird captured in a cage. Often I do fail to realize what do they want out of me, hard I do try but always fail to tackle the question rattling me, while sitting under the Tamarind tree…………….

My swollen eyes often depict my state, the turmoil in my life still awaits. I want to make them understand my tears are not alone to take my stand………………

As I still eagerly await for the day when I will have something to say, the unanswered question still rattles my life that whether I will achieve something that others can take in their stride…………

Sitting under the Tamarind tree I often think of thee…….


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  1. An apt title for the poem with a perfect choice of image! I always wonder what makes you write such a poem. I was actually very surprised to read it for the first time. I very well understand the heat of expectations which a growing up kid faces from all the sides: family, friends, relatives….etc. but, I would always want you to stand up for your own beliefs even if it makes you an odd one out among a group of evens. There is a much bigger world waiting for you to be explored. So, have yourself rooted by your convictions and follow your heart. I am sure it will take you places.

    Well everyone says that I have spoiled you. 🙂 I will keep doing so even after you have grown up!

    God bless you!

    arpit: You always hit the right chord . I really don’t understand how you are able to make out what I want because I never express my desires . But i think thats the way it got to be and i feel blessed that there is someone with whom i can share all my little thoughts. Thanks for always being there for me 😀

  2. Your writing is really refreshing..it is not colored by negativity or by what others want you to be…it is clear from your writing that you are at loggerheads with this world so that you can retain your individuality, your hopes, and dreams. Hold on to them…these are the things that make you “you” I really hope that you win this battle with the “wild wild world” and realize each one of your dreams.

    Your determination will take you places, i am sure.


    arpit: I do agree with you on that part … but somehow I feel that my writings have a little gloomy side which I always tend to avoid but I think to an extent it brings out the bitter truth. But anyways ….. thanks for dropping in and reading my post 🙂

  3. Tamarind… interesting analogy. Do you know how Tamarinds break away from the tree?

    A tamarind overbears itself… the old linkages become weak… and yes gravity helps.

    Overbear yourself. Gravity awaits!

    arpit: Well honestly speaking I really don’t know how Tamarinds break away from the tree. But now since you have given me the idea I of the entire mechanism in context to life ….. I would surely try to implement it! 🙂

  4. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Heathenry!!

    :Thanks Heathenry for your comments 😀 Keep visiting 🙂

  5. Hey..!! After reading it, i could instantly relate you to it & that’s a wonderful thing. Awesome..!!

    And now that you’re about to finish school, I wish you achieve your dreams soon, and everyone be proud of it.. 🙂

    Sweet wishes!

    arpit : Thanks ! 😛 i am glad you could relate to it.

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