A meeting with plagiarism


This is what I would call the height of plagiarism . Last night only , I checked my orkut account and I had a visitor . So lets name him as Mr Copy Cat . Now this gentlemen who seemed to feed upon the creativity of others actually copied my entire description “about myself” from my orkut account( not an issue , after all people may have similar personalities, sheer coincidence?). Not only this it included one of my self composed verses – “A dice called life”( another coincidence ..enough!). This actually left me fuming and thoroughly disgruntled. But as it is said any publicity is good publicity , so I have decided not to confront him .Another reason being that since it is a social networking site so you cannot prevent visitors from copying the material from your personal profile 😦 . But I do seek my readers suggestions on this issue as that post was my very first piece of creative writing and being it , I do not want to lose it to such an unethical act .


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  1. 3 ways to go about it:

    1. take this as a lesson and don’t put up stuff in orkut that you won’t be comfortable with if copied like this.

    2. message the plagiariser and ask him nicely to remove the content, citing ethical, conscientious issues – basically summoining all your persuasive skills in this. 🙂

    3. approach the orkut admin with the faint hope that they might do something about it.

    fact is, when we put anything up on the net anybody can take it as their own no matter how wrong it is, no matter how much measures you take to guard against plagiarism… just the hazards of the internet playground. 🙂

    i’ve had someone use my feet as their profile picture (well, technically it was mine and my friend’s feet, we took a picture of our first pedicure together, maybe you’ve seen that picture in my blog?) and some time ago, i even had someone disguising as ME on windows live spaces, copying my post word-for-word (he later slinked off though i’m not sure why).

    so yeah, recreational hazards. 🙂 anyway, i’d try no. 2 – no harm trying right?

  2. oh i might want to add that if you ever saw someone plagiarising your blog with a wp.com blog, the wp.com admin will do something about it. so, this is a good playground to play in. 😉

    arpit : yep sulz! i had do that 🙂
    and thanks for the links . i will see to it in future that people dont get to copy my stuff

  3. i suggest you ought to message Mr Copy Cat & tell him sweetly that he better use other keys in the keyboard than just (cntrl c & v)
    would benefit him infact in the long run!

    arpit : I have already left a message for him. but if he had that much of brain he would have had surely thought twice before pressing cntrl+c

  4. Hahahahaha happens to all of us at some time 🙂

    Hope the guy reads this and draws some sense out of it 🙂

    arpit : yeh! i know that and this time i was the victim. 😀
    i dont think so that he is going to read it . if that moron had that much of brains he wouldnt have gone plagiarizing somebody’s else work

  5. ppl copy even “about me” descriptions ! wow ! how insane

    arpit : yep! thats the reality……i pity on them just because they find it difficult to even write a few words about themselves

  6. Dude u wont believe it there is a guy who has copied the whole format of my blog …… when i came across his blog ..It looks strangely similar to mine …template ,header (not mine but like mine ) ,pages and even a post that no one could have ever thought of except me 😛

    in orkut many ppl have copied my whole profile ..including films ,books each and everything ..
    because i had a specially designed font for it 😛
    anyways we really cant do anything ..

    : hey welcome to bits n bytes of life 😛
    really ..you know its really sad that people engage into such unethical acts but such are life diaries.
    so what did you do? didnt you confront him? …..and you know this is the biggest disadvantage of social networking sites…i too am thinking of removing my material from there

  7. You won’t believe the statistical analysis of my blog shows that my blog has been shown in search results when sometimes copy cats searched ‘material for about me on Orkut’ ! Some people can be so nauseatingly dull and unimaginative!

    By the way, I think plagiarism is considered a greater offence in the US than in India. Kaavya Vishwanathan was wiped out, so to speak but our own Shiv Khera continues to flourish! If you are not aware of the Shiv Khera issue you may read the second post on my home page.

  8. @ vikas : its because they actually dont know themselves well
    poor chaps …life is so unfair 😛
    yes, i do remember it vikas. but the message was quite witty and i liked it at first read so i thought of using it 😛

    reading the article……………………

  9. Yes Arpit! some times the message is so witty we can’t resist displaying it ourselves. For example see my latest post on Obama!

    I am paying you in the same coin and adding you in my blog roll! 😉

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