A crisp taggish delight!


Willow tagged me for this alphabet tag with the letter “P”. I had to list the first 10 words which struck my mind starting with this letter . So in sheer randomness , here they are :

Pina colada : Oh the name sounds yummy😆


Panchatantra : Loved this book full of short and interesting storiespanchatantra_idi807

Pancakes : My mouth is already watering ……bring it on any time😛 its a gourmet delight !🙂NT1594883

Positivity : I always strive for it wherever I go or in whatever I do😀


Plagiarism : Anyone who commits it should be punished


Pink : Its a nice, soothing and refreshing color😀11523999311wmp4p

Printanier : Its actually a french word for spring . I had to include it because I love this season😀


Power : Its within you , its within me and its within all of us.futurepower

Principles : I have them and I abide to them because thats the key to success and to be in touch with your inner self😆career_success

Pride : It matters the most to me no matter whatever I do but I take pride in myself, my capabilities and my thinking😆


So those were ten influential “P’s ” of my life. I liked doing this tag because it was short , nice and crisp.

Also I would like to tag Sulz for letter ” R” , Amit for letter “K” ,Nick for letter “S” , Arvind for letter “T” and Nova for letter “J”. Hope you guys enjoy doing this tag😛

And if someone whom I missed out is willing to do this tag please do let me know , I will surely assign a letter to you. Till then merry tagging😆

7 responses »

  1. Hehe….nice tag…..will do it soon….how come no ‘P’ for Priyanka Chopra aka Piggy Chops?😛

    arpit : oh she is not that “influential ”😆 you see
    i am waiting to read it😛

  2. I have already been tagged to do this ..
    anyway will do both🙂
    dude Is ur post frmatting alright ??
    or my browser is going nuts

    arpit : lucky mascot. 100th comment😆
    oh god! whomever i have tagged has already been tagged. think i was a bit late. but thank you for doing it😀
    nah……..your browser isnt going nuts but my formatting is going nuts😆
    i dont know it isnt getting left aligned.tried so many times but nothing works. besides i think this formatting aint bad either. nice pattern ah?😆

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  4. Well, you like the name Pina COlada. Pina Colada is my favorite drink. Willow will vouch for it.🙂 I like pancakes, but its bit hard for me to find veggie pancakes.

    Power and Principles are such heavy words for a young lad like you.😛

    arpit : oh i just like the name……..though i have never had it😛
    but i think they work wonders for me in thin situations😀

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