The train of life……………….


The train of life goes on, with unlimited passengers on board it moves on and on.

Sitting on the corner seat I notice myself , pleasurably appreciating the bounties of god on thy self.

A station named ” adolescence ” appears on my way , a new passenger boards the train on its way.

“Hey you look like me “, I remarked,”I didn’t intend to be , I was earmarked “.

Shocked with replete fear,  as he sat by my side ,he began his story as if I will take it in the right stride.

As he sobbed about his mistakes ,I  cheered him up with a glass  of milk shake.


Happy we were as he narrated his tales , jumps we took as if sailing on the blue whale.

But as I was about to make friends with him,he shook his hands away as if it was a whim .

Next,  the train stopped by the woods ……………….

” Adieu my friend , I adored your companionship” was his final reply,startled with emotions, he left me with happiness in immense  supply .

And then another companion boarded the train  in a file  ,he walked past me and said ” have a great journey ahead my friend ” in that old familiar chivalric style .

The woods passed by, the night passed by ,and the morning  spread the message  with a gentle smile ……..  ” fly up above the heavenly sky  with God always standing by your side “.


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  1. nice & true..

    life is like a journey… where we discover ourself..

    arpit : hey Oorja welcome to bits n bytes of life ! 😛
    yes life is just like a roller coaster ride , more is the adventure the merrier it is 😛

  2. Helloo,
    That’s a really nice picture. You write well too. 🙂

    arpit : hey welcome to bits n bytes of life! 😛
    thanks and keep visiting

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