Bidding adieu to my Alma Mater : Part- I


You took me by my hand into the world of education……………you nurtured me with your fruits of dictation…………. and when I learned  to say thank you for everything …………….. you are wishing me luck as if it was nothing “

It had to come, It will come and I cannot do anything  because life is all about moving on. I wish I had a time machine to relive certain moments of my life, but I think the wish is too hollow that it cant be fulfilled .


School  brought me joy , it brought be the sense of being “myself”, it initiated my thought  process and it made me what I am today.But why it has to come to an end? It gave me that intangible shield, that warmth, that comfort which I believe nobody could . But  all will come to an end on 15th February 2009, the last day of my school life, of my beautiful world of fantasies, dreams, wishes and aspirations.  But it does not mean an end of everything . Its all about moving on with the pace of  time . After all change is the need of the hour. But  I owe a lot to my school for what it has inculcated in me . It is an emotional moment but I know I will deal with it . So I am just hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well 😛



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  1. i love my alma mater and all the memories i hold there. frankly, i was never ready to leave it and i still miss it now. but if i go back now, it wouldn’t be the same anymore… i just have to learn to move on. 😦

  2. @sulz : so am i . i dont know how i will cope with it. but the show must go on 😛

    @ amit : oh amit, dont scare me 😆

    @poonam : yes, i think school life is the best of all and i think you realize its importance once you leave the school
    yes, do wait for it because i will take you all down the memory lane 😛 (enough of clues, rest is surprise ) 😆

  3. And I like the header a lot, my header has been created by my colleague Sandeep Halder. Ideation too was his.

    I like yours a lot better, it is ‘enlightening’ 😀

  4. @ alice : yes, i decided to put this image as part of my post for two reasons , one it was colorful and two the footprints represent the impact caused by certain moments in life
    thanks alice and wait for part 2 to come up 😛

  5. @ vikas : which branch????? i have been to DAV pitampura . it was my centre for class 10 boards and i think it is DAV pushpanjali for class 12 th 😛

    i know, but your wait is going to be over on 15th 😛

  6. Dont worry Arpit.. College will be another great experience for sure.. I had some great experience during the college.. so no need to worry.. missing school is quite worrisome.. but we have to move on..

    Do the exams well.. all the best 🙂

  7. @ vikas : alright ! 😛

    @ kanagu : i know but i think it will not match the school experience ( i hope i am proved wrong 😆 )
    thanks kanagu for your wishes 😛

  8. ya school years r the best…. college is not bad either..

    i remember my school finished on 17th feb.. my farewell day.. oh it has been so long…..

    u still have years of fun before u start with the real world..!

  9. @ oorja : yes and i am hoping for the best 😛
    but i think college might lack that authoritarian, disciplinarian shield….but everything has its own importance …..maybe in next few months i will say college is much better than school 😆

  10. @ oorja : oh oorja, i was busy the whole day. i returned back at 11:30 at night and didnt have the energy to write the post
    it was fantastic, very emotional indeed
    i am just assembling all the snaps to prepare the slide show .
    hope that it gets ready soon 😛

  11. “I wish I had a time machine to relive certain moments of my life, but I think the wish is too hollow that it cant be fulfilled..”

    I wish so too.. We keep making new and better friends always, but somehow the school days remain the best days of one’s life.. Rightly portrayed!

    Btw, I love the header..!! 😀

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