Bidding Adieu To My Alma Mater :Part -II


” What the caterpillar perceives as the end of the world , the rest of the world calls it a butterfly “.

The thought of leaving the school seems so unconvincing in its own way .  But the institution  where I entered as a tiny tot fourteen years back has finally bid farewell to me. Every good thing has an end and so does school life. I really don’t know how life is going to turn out for me in the next five years , but I just pray to god that whenever I look back I have someone waiting for me with open arms and still remembers me , longs to meet me and has the same affection for me ……and I think that will be my school.


Thank you is too small a word , but I think I can never pay in the same coin  for the unconventional care and  love my school has given me.

Now, leaving aside the emotional part of it , I had the  farewell party -the much awaited one by all curious readers and blog buddies .Well it was all goody-goody. We were given away momento’s , hand made cards by our juniors and the citation where our class teacher spoke about every student. It was indeed very  touching. And then of course the party in the evening was  hell rocking 😛 . We even got to see some moves of the teachers as well .

So that was about it. Finally school is over but before that I have left a treat for you all in form of a token of thanks and appreciation to my school-Apeejay , Pitampura for making me what I am today.

Enjoy!!!   😛  ( credit entirely goes to both “S” ..if you are reading this …..for helping me to prepare the slide show )

PS- All images in the slide show are copy righted to me .


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  1. Thank you for this post! It was worth the wait.

    Great quote in the beginning.

    I loved the slide show; I also use it. You can see my photo here (give it a few seconds to load) ;)!

    All good things must come to an end! You will love the college life. Also, you’ll soon be officially pronounced an ‘adult’ (and watch films like Dev D) ;)!

    Best of luck for the incoming exams.

  2. oh how cute.. old snaps… 🙂

    where are the recent ones.. farewell…?

    i loved the way you started it – ” What the caterpillar perceives as the end of the world , the rest of the world calls it a butterfly “.

    so it is from the secure school environment into the real world…. growth, metamorphosis, finding your place and establishing yourself.

    All the best for the years to come…

  3. Hey.. you’re the tiniest-miniest of the lot in the pictures… 😆
    Difficult to believe it though, considering the way you express your thoughts.. 🙂

    Wish you the bestest of Luck.. 🙂

  4. @ vikas : thank you vikas 😛
    well officially its going to be on 6th june….but till then i can wait . i am in no hurry. i loved adolescence 😆

    @ willow : thank you ! 😛
    none of my friends have uploaded the snaps of the farewell . i was thinking of including them as well but all are busy to forward me the snap.
    dont worry you will get to see them soon
    yes, i loved this header , has all the bright hues 😛

    @oorja: thanks oorja for all your wishes 😛 . your reply to the query of farewell snaps have been answered in willows reply

    @ ambika : tiniest 😛 you bet 😛
    actually when it was my turn for the citation , my class teacher called me the ” class ka sabse pyara bachha ” ……. lolz 😆
    thanks for your wishes 😛

    @ all : well the opening line was not craeted by me. i loved it a lot and thought of using it 😛

  5. What a post!!! I really loved this one.. The photos are really nice… Have the memories.. It will help you by anytime 🙂

    All the best for your exams and coming years 🙂

  6. Hey, best of luck for your exams. Don;t mind withering being picky. She would try to teach all her skills in one day. 😛

    Header is awesome, like before. Why don’t you upload all the header that you use on flickr?

  7. Finally school’s out eh. Did you sing that song “Schools Out” really loud and long? We did, but that was years ago and I guess nowadays people feel sad when school is over! I was in fact quite happy to be out, as my school was a convent, and far stricter than my home and the kind of people I moved around with! For me it was a huge relief. I sang that song for days afterwards! 😀

  8. @ kanagu : i am happy to know you liked it 😛
    it was just meant for all the blog buddies and for my school 😛
    and thanks for your wishes 😛

    @poonam :oh yes, withering is just like a mentor to me . honestly speaking , i have learned a lot from her. if she had a magic wand she would have given all in one stroke 😆
    i am glad you liked the header , well the credit goes to “S” for helping me to make it more apt, (not to forget due to my lack of knowledge of photoshop)

    flickr……..the idea seems interesting, will ge a thought to it
    and thanks for your wishes 😛

    @ nita : wlecome back nita, hope you have settled with your new house, i was missing your posts 😛
    oh no, we sang the song from movie “Rockford”…….”yaaron dosti ….” that one . well i am not that happy but i know time is the solution to everything . but finally i have entered into a new phase of my life ……so hip hip hurray 😆

  9. The pics are really cute man….I remembered some of my childhood days now 🙂 ….
    so you are an all-rounder huh?? Nice! 🙂 ….

    wish you all the best in life!! ….. 🙂

  10. i could hardly see you! 😦 and you look so tiny. i don’t think the pictures are very recent are they? but i didn’t know you’re a dancer. is everyone a dancer by nature, from what i observe in bollywood movies? 😛 people in it can dance at the drop of a hat!

  11. @ nick : finally, welcome back 😛
    oh thanks 😛
    all rounder…nah…… i dont sing( thanks to hormonal changes )
    and dancing……….yes i do it………….but it has been like 5 yrs since i have left it 😛
    and i am waiting for your post

    @ sulz : yes, the pictures are not that clear, but next time i will make a slide show of the “present me ”
    well they all are way back long, probably 5 or 10 yrs
    dance………mmmmmmmmm……..i dont know ….but i am not that good dancer 😛

  12. awesome post dude. .
    loved the pics though could not see u properly ..
    dont worry .. u will love ur college life too and within a matter of time u would be writing a post about it..
    time flies..

    all the best for ur exams 🙂

  13. @ nova : yes, its only memories which i have now 😛

    @ saloni : thanks! 😛
    mutual ………yes exactly 😛

    @ arvind : thanks bro ! 😛
    i just hope so , amen 😛

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