Of exams and a “not needed” blog break


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  1. Good luck for your exams. And the blog break is a very needed one. Study well.

    And Ambika, you can use GIMP to make your own header. See it on mesoliloquy on wordpress. She did it herself.

  2. @ oorja : thanks for your wishes oorja 😛

    @ ambika : haahaa…..you better 😛
    thanks ……i think vikas has a solution for everything 😛 “mr fixit” 😆

    @sulz : yes, i had better do it ….no choice 😛

    @ vikas : thanks, but the break was just a compulsion …….”inescapable circumstances ” …….you see 😛

    @ den : welcome to bits n bytes of life. hope to see you around often 😛

  3. yes, i know you will whine and complain that i haven’t been visiting your blog often or haven’t been writing on mine…its just that I have been super busy and have been caught up with way too many things…will visit ur blog more often… sorry once again…

    Keep Blogging!!!

  4. @alice : its perfectly fine with me 😛
    and yes i have been visiting your blog but didnt find any new posts
    ………take your time , blogging is meant to relax your mind…..so get back to it when you feel like 😛

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