Je bavarde beaucoup!!!!!!!!!!!


First of all I had liked to thank all my readers for the overwhelming response to my previous post” A friend who never bothered to be a friend “. I came across different perspectives and views and after lot of pondering; I came to a conclusion that my action was fully justified. So thank you all for that constant support and advice.  😛

After settling my previous scores, I am finally back with full zing and zeal .You must be wandering the reason for the unpredictable enthusiasm…………….well it’s no longer a secret. I finally received my first blogging award from SAG. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the appreciation you have showed for my work. 😛

A mid-air high five

Awarded by
to Arpit

Next, I have added on a new page to the blog “Quotes form life”. This page contains a summary of all quotes which have been written till date by me for each post and I will continue to add on new quotes as I write new posts.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..what else????……..well , next post is going to be my first photopost. So photopost readers, just watch out for it. You will soon taste the photo pie 😆

That’s all from me now. Meet you with the photopost.

Au revoir !!!!! 😛


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  1. congrats dear.. 🙂

    hey i gave you the best commenter award months ago.. sorry didn’t do it officially.. but i meant that.

    you do deserve this one..

    arpit : Thanks Oorja! 😛
    yes, i remember it and i know you mean it . No official announcement is required. Your words meant the world . so dont feel sorry 😛
    and yes, i am surely going to award you too. But what will be your title ……mmmmm………you just have to wait and watch ( maybe on my blogs birthday) 😛

  2. yes i havent been around much cuz have been grumbling and growling all by myself… and thanks for the award… makes me feel that i dont deserve it 🙂 have been too low on life these days… i guess..

  3. waiting for the photo post eagerly and also wondering what does the title of this post and the ending note “Au revoir” mean…I think I should check google translator for french to english translation!!! 🙂

  4. @amit : thank you! 😛

    @alice: ah…….was just joking…….take your time…..and get rid of your quarter life crisis 😛

    @ willow : ah well the title means” I talk a lot”
    and the ending note means ” bye”
    😛 😀
    yes they are french words 😆

  5. @ Arpit : Congratulations on the award. I am eagerly awaiting your photo features as well. Lets hope that you do your next post soon. I have been a bit busy to do anything but hey one must even take a break from blogging sometimes.

  6. Helloz!! Sorry didn’t know about this post of yours. You don’t have an email feed do you?
    Heartiest congrats to you on your 1st award!! Wish u many many more.. 🙂 😀 8)
    Thank God you explained the French part of it.. Else I was about to Google!! 😛
    “photo pie” ?? 😆 waiting for it, eagerly.. 😀
    Cheerz! Congrats again! 🙂

  7. And hey this is cheating!!!!
    You ask me to change my theme… and then you put up the same as mine..?? 😮
    LoL..!! This theme is by far the one of the best and tempting. You can put up widgets beautifully.. 🙂

  8. @ rashmi : welcome to the blog! 😛
    and thanks for your wishes !

    @odzer : thanks odzer 😛
    well i think you will have to wait a little more ….i have gone into hibernation……..ah break…….ah whatever! 😛

    @ ambika :no, i dont have an email feed.
    and thanks for your wishes! wait for your share of pie 😛

    @ ambika again : oh yes, i mean i am using this theme for the first time where as you have been using it for so long .

  9. @alice : great! 😛

    @SAG : thanks for tagging me but i cant say when i will do the tag 😛

    @ambika :yes girl! but i crossed 10,000 hits last week 😛

    @willow : hehe………you bet……..after all gemini’s are always multitasking 😛 😛

  10. hello sir!through oorja mam’s blog i could get connected to you.i am a final semester engineering student from pune and have started writing.pls visit my URL and please comment which would be a great motivation to me…

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