A prison of thoughts


It gave me a shudder in my neck when I woke up last night,

petite it was as if ready to take a flight,                      2

I gave a glance to it, oh! what a beauty it was,

Alas ! don’t take away my snitch, it shouted with aplomb,

I passed forth a dark knight, blissfully carrying it in a crimson pouch,

who knew what it prophesied when I saw it again sitting on a couch,

the snitch prophesied  the sky will turn black when you touch my knee,

I bent to touch its knees, when it passed me the key,

open me up , you are my master , you are my dream,

the key unlocked it , whizzing through the room perfectly like cream,

you gave me freedom, you gave me pride, keep the snitch with you,

as a token of  my joy, for you are my master , you are my sky,

I am  nothing but a thought who escaped the prison with a sly.


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  1. in my opinion,the poem had a good rhythm and had a smoothness but i think you could have added a little more feeling into it.overall it was excellent and a rare one and at the same time very original…

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