I feel cheated, disgruntled and extremely angry!


There  is one important issue which thoroughly and seriously needs to be addressed right here right now. Never ever I thought that somebody from my own blogosphere will end up plagiarizing . For me, my blogroll is sacred as it has the links of few good blogs which I really love to read. And above all, the awards which I gave away to the fellow bloggers was purely based on the creativity, talent and the zeal for blogging . But right now I feel betrayed and extremely sorry for Kiran Manral because one such blogger from my blogroll dare to commit the sin of plagiarizing and taking away the credit of the creativity of another blogger. On a previous note, I too was victimized by plagiarism ( my post “A meeting with plagiarism)and so I share the same feelings and sympathy with Kiran. I have deleted the blogger’s link from my blogroll and I am officially stripping the blogger of the honor of “The budding blogger award” .

For me my principles matter the most in life and if today I wouldn’t have done this I think I would have cheated on my values and the entire blogosphere


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  1. Thanks for being such a sport, Arpit.

    Although I do NOT mean to be offensive in the least, can’t help thinking that this has been a surefire way to drive traffic to your blog, LOL. Hi-fi blogs like Kiran’s and The Mad Momma’s seem to be a total meeting-place for people and a place to find new blogs every week!
    Glad to find your blog, I’ll keep reading.

  2. SAG is your cousin?

    Anyway, dont fee bad. You couldn’t have known since no one runs plagiarism checks on blog. Blogging friendships are relationships of trust.

    Sags has delete her blog, so truth triumphs 🙂

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  4. One is used to unknown copycats but this takes the cake! Anyway she has deleted her blog. But anyway it’s not your fault Arpit. One doesn’t know people, specially those who blog under a name not their own.

  5. @ All : I seriously have nothing to say right now ! so please do not mind since i didnt reply individually to all your comments. but yes finally i can say that JUSTICE has been done !

  6. This is so unbelievable Arpit! Sag was also on Orkut and in my friend list. She looked so innocent! I am still not able to believe it. The post she had stolen is so private! Don’t know what to say!

    P.S.: Happy birthday! 😀

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