Singing a silent song……………..


PS– If you have always liked knowing the brighter side of the blogger inside me than you had better skip this post for it is dark, sorrowful and intensely emotional.

” Sometimes there is a need to put down the hour glass and observe the time fly by because in that moment of introspection actions deem to speak up for themselves………………………………”


These past few months have been really traumatizing for me. So many changes , perhaps I would have never imagined in the worst of my nightmares , have taken place that I silently want to bury away my past and want to start afresh. There have been moments when I have silently cried through nights, there have been moments when I hated myself,felt the pangs of jealousy, envied what others have,then there have been moments when I have cursed people, cursed my very own destiny and cursed almighty. It was a period of  unbound grief, cascading sorrow,shattered confidence and falsehood. But I think what kept me intact was the power of those special , life long relationship where a mother lovingly wiped away my tears silently praying to almighty for my good health and good luck, where a father silently supported me with his wisdom, where  loving  sisters always tried to bring a smile on my face assuring me that hard work will pay off one day, where a friend in the darkest of time brought back glimpses of light in my life assuring me that one day I will shine like a star, where a group of closest school buddies gave me that unimaginable strength to keep on fighting knowingly that it was an unequal battle between destiny and me. How can I forget the most important of  all , my alter ego, my soul which kept on telling me that victory is not so far.

In this moment of introspection I realized the worth of those special bonds which will always hold me tightly even when I  break down into fits of grief and sorrow. It seems that life has altogether shown me a different phase with a lesson to be remembered life long . Money, fame, power are just those few materialistic things which can never give you the strength to face the worst of all nightmares.Its those special relationship which matter the most in life because  when the soul will depart it will memorize the worth of what almighty has bestowed upon us. The worth of human relationships.

Even as I write this post I am moved and left teary eyed for the endless support my family ,my friends and my best friend have provided me in this difficult time. And above all my gratitude towards my soul for helping me to restore the connection with almighty  because of whom the living nightmare has ended, for the endless strength ,power and patience  to break away from that glass dream which was actually not my own dream. In this moment of self inspection my actions have spoken aloud that what I am heading towards now will surely bring peace, serenity and self satisfaction in life .AMEN……………………………….


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  1. Cheer up my friend… to me you are one of the brightest young man I have ever met… and you have got all the right peoples around you…

    victory is not far away…. keep trying… you will reach there soon 🙂

    All the best 🙂

  2. you call this a negative post.. this is by far the most positive and moving posts i have read.. 🙂

    it is the reality of life.. relationships are the only thing that keep us going..

    what happened can never be changed, but always believe the worst is over…

    wish you ALL THE BEST for the future..


  3. Not a sorrowful post at all. It shows that even if you try life won’t allow you to be sorrowful or sad. Celebrate the chances that you have… be thankful that you need to strive to succeed… be thankful that you did not get it on a platter… be proud that when you achieve it will be your own cuisine of life.

  4. Family circle of support is so vital. Hang in there buddy. Give us an update of success. It might take time, but everything has to come with struggle and hard-work. Chin up 🙂

  5. Hey Arpit, you are such a sweet guy, I hate to know that you have been unhappy. 😦 But I am sure, you had fun too,at Goa? Write a post about it Arpit. I am raring to know what happened.

    Withering has always had faith in you and praised you to hilt. And I believe her and know you will become what you want to be. Just be patient. 🙂

  6. @ Kanagu :Thanks for your wishes Kangagu. I dont know whether i am worthy of your praise or not!

    @Oorja : The worst is really over . The storm has settled down.
    Thanks for your wishes 🙂

    @Withering : THANKS again 🙂

    @Balaji :certainly it will be an achievement to be proud of . thanks for those encouraging words 🙂

    @Kiran : it will take time , but i know it will come to me.

    @Poonam :Thanks for those kind words. But i think its not essential that life always feeds you in golden spoon. Sometimes it becomes essential to look at the other face of the coin. i accept it as blessings of almighty . he has a reason for everything.
    i had fun in Goa! 😀 it was rejuvenating.
    right now i am at peace with myself. may be patience is the key to success.

  7. Hii Arpit… 😀
    Its been really a long time.. And I see that you haven’t been around much as well!!
    I hope all your problems are now gone and you are yourself again… 😀 😀
    And yes.. Its always your close ones who take you through tough times!! Lucky to have them, right? 🙂
    Btw, You’ve got your CPT… So ALL THE VERY BEST to you.. 🙂 You’ll rock!!
    See you soon.. Byeee.. 🙂

  8. heya! i was just wandering where you have been all these months! glad you have come back!…..certainly lucky to have the best of the souls around me in the toughest of times . all is well now 😛
    yes just one more week to go its on the 13th 😛
    thanks a lot ! 😛

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