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” You call it a day when you start seeing the sun shining at night “


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    • hahaha………….Vikas what made you think this? 😛
      i am perfectly fine and i am certainly not in love 😉
      in fact i am in love with life 😛
      and as far as the quote is concerned it has 2 reference….
      1) obviously when the sun shines even at night you will call it a day! 😉
      2) “call it a day” is another expression for indicating that the day has ended and one feels tired. so when you “call it a day” and “you start seeing the sun shining at night ” indicates that you are fatigue and its a figment of your imagination that makes you see sun at night (like in hindi we say din main taare dikhna) and you must go to sleep! 😉

      • Yes, I know the idiom ‘ call it a day’

        call it a day INFORMAL
        to stop the work you are doing:
        I’m getting a bit tired now – shall we call it a day?

        I was wondering if you were getting philosophical and/or romantic?! 😉

      • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats… So now you are finally doing CA!!!! 😀
        I could get through just one group.. Fell short by a teeni-meeni margin in the 2nd!!!

        So when r we having a blog-treat from u??? 😉

      • thanks and congratulations to you too! 😛
        getting through one group is also an achievement. so now just one more attempt and by the end of this summer you will be a CA 😛
        blog treat …………sure……will serve loads of posts on the platter…..and same goes for you as well! 🙂

    • hey exams over? arey i am not getting time to blog…….busy with classes plus BCom(H) exams just got over ….were dragged for 1.5 months……..and now totally working for CA exams……so will return by november as soon as exams end 🙂

      • Yup.. over!! 😀
        Good to know someone doing a B. COM and not B.Sc or something 😉
        And yes I forgot.. You must be having your PCC, eh? Cool!! Good luck with the preparation! 😀

  1. great! hope your exams went well! 🙂
    hehe………Bcom(H) ……….ah well you bet how seriously i must have studied for the exams ………i did the entire course which is usually taught for an year in just those preparatory leaves.. 😛
    PCC …..nope its a thing of past…….mine is new course IPCC…thanks giving both groups finally! 🙂

    • Well..Im a thing of past too in terms of C.A… Been ages since I registered for it, yet not done with it!! 😉 Waise I did hear about IPCC, your Finals get deferred accordingly or something!!
      Anyway, giving both groups is a good decision! 🙂
      Enjoy the trauma!!! 😛

      • hahaha! i am actually enjoying the trauma:D
        just waiting for november …..and then finally i will be free to spare some time for writing as well! 🙂

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