The life it was, the life it is.


Finally, here I return with a blog post. I guess its been ten months since I posted anything new. The blog felt neglected, I know that, the reader’s felt neglected, again I know that, my life felt neglected, I know that, but look at the brighter side of it. Today, I feel extremely satisfied in every sense. I guess things take time to settle down and  when nothing works the way you expected, then you should start reading the “omens”, the hidden “signs”, the “symbols” (the same way the protagonist of the novel Alchemist does). You fall, you jump, you sneak, you slither but finally you reach your goal. I remember the harrowing emptiness I felt just a year back. That emptiness of not going to a college, that emptiness of struggling to win over some day, that emptiness of being alone and facing the world. But today life feels complete. Friends and family are the only ones who will stand by your side. And of course you will find the ominous presence of Almighty all way long. He kept my faith intact, to reach out and be something and not to be looked upon as a mere living entity. He helped me adapt to the intricacies of relationships and kept me focused on my goals in the weakest time.

Life  has come to a full circle today. And what have I learned from such experiences ?It actually does not matter what do you have in life but what matters is whom do you have around you . And I guess I have got the best of the two world’s. 🙂


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  1. finally you write something..!!
    nice nice.. 🙂
    i too believe in the hidden signs of nature.. sometimes they can just pop up out of nowhere, transforming your life completely 🙂
    m glad you find yourself on the right track now.!
    good luck 🙂

    • @saloni :honestly in my case i have actually started believing in omens. may be that’s another way to discover your destiny.
      “sometimes you don’t get a chance to choose your destiny because the destiny chooses you” i guess the latter one is applicable to me and yes i do feel that i am on the right track now 🙂 thanks

      @nishtha : same here. 😀 and i know just one thing these are few of the most cherished relationships which i would never let go come what it may be and i mean it 🙂

  2. yar bhatti…tune to senti kr dia :’)…friends forever buddy 🙂 and we are seriously very lucky to have a friend like u 🙂 three cheers to our friendship 🙂

  3. Its always true that your family and friends will stuck with you no matter what happens.. and you are blessed in that way Arpit..

    And I am glad that you are now good and doing well 🙂 take care 🙂

    Keep this faith always 🙂

    • oh hi kanagu ! it feels so good to hear from you after such a long time almost an year if i am not mistaken. thanks for your wishes and will surely keep you updated with my progress 🙂 sorry for not commenting on your posts but i guess i will always remain one faithful silent reader of your blog 😀

      • No need for sorry Arpit.. 🙂 Peek-a-boo at my blog when have some free time 🙂 🙂 thanks for updating me 🙂 you are talented for sure and you will do well 🙂

  4. good to see u back .. when i was gone it took me18 months to come back so that way u are better …. anyways what u said was true long as right people stay with you , Life never seems slow and empty …

    • Oh yes! I did wonder why you went into hiding and that too for 18 months 🙂 good to see you back
      I absolutely agree with you. With right bunch of people life is always a joyful roller coaster ride 🙂

  5. Great to see you back with positivity and success! Good luck Arpit, this might be just the beginnings of more wonderfulness in the future 🙂 keep us posted.

    • Thank you so much Kiran. well i did post something new …go ahead with it. and really sorry for not commenting and reading your blog as well. I hope you will understand but will certainly give a visit to it once things are settled down ……dont get much time to blog and read fellow blogger’s post as well these days. but i will make it a point to do the same once i am done with my things 🙂

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