M.I.R.A.C.L.E.S – Final Part


So, the second part was left on an incomplete note. The best way to usher in the new year was to complete the final part of my story of MIRACLES. A story full of hopes, dreams, aspirations, courage, faith, determination and most importantly, belief.

While there was something holding me back from signing the appointment letter, I finally decided to sign it and handed over a copy to the HR. Probably, while it should have been a moment of immense joy and happiness for me, I felt giddy. I felt unsure. On my way back to home, I gave it a lot of thought. Was I heading towards the right direction? My confusion was somewhat answered in a saying from Rubaiyat, ‘Why ponder thus the future to foresee, and jade thy brain to vain perplexity? Cast off thy care, leave Allah’s plans to him- He formed them all without consulting thee’. And I lived the next two months of my life with full of excitement of exploring new city, new organization and discovering a new ‘me’. The time slipped out of my hands like sand. It was time to say goodbye and start a new chapter of life.

Two weeks of independence gave me a new perspective of life. Life was difficult without near and dear ones around. I was all alone. I was eating alone. I was travelling alone. I was exploring the streets of two new cities alone. In short, I was missing my home. I was missing my loved ones. Being the youngest of the child in my family, I must admit that I am an extremely pampered kid. But this journey made me realize, I was no longer a kid. I had grown up. Grown up to take a job in a new city. While I gave my best shot to adjust to the new environment, the changes were bit  overwhelming. Probably, I was not well prepared. But then life is all about uncertainties. And I had to accept it the way it came.

In the mean time, while I tried to accustom myself to the changed environment, more difficulties had started pitching. The set up of the new organization was not suited to my taste. All throughout the three years of my corporate journey, I have worked in a fast paced environment which throws new challenges everyday. But this new organization, it seemed like a place for people who would never want to retire from their comfort zone. While all other changes were acceptable, I could never figure out myself as a part of their comfort zone. Hence, after exactly two weeks, I decided to quit the job. A lot of people told me that it was too early to judge, too early to jump onto a conclusion, but I knew that this was not my true calling.

After returning to Delhi, the good time had ended. I had always read stories in newspapers of how xyz kid left a well paying job to take up a more niche job without a fat pay cheque. That time, I used to think how dumb such kids were, just to realize very soon that I will also be one such kid. Honestly, I feel proud of the choices I have made in my life. I can feel connected to such stories now and the thought process behind such decisions.

While for most of us, education would mean getting a well paid job with all amenities, I was fortunate enough to discover the true meaning of education. Education does not mean getting the best degree and best jobs, its an ongoing process which never stops till your last breath. Being educated means to become prudent enough to make your own decisions. Being educated means to make mistakes and learn from them. Being educated means to share your knowledge and values with others. Being educated means to learn from others. Being educated means to enjoy what you do. Being educated means to remain thankful to Almighty for bestowing his kindness on us.

Well, while the good time did not last for long, I guess the bad time was eventful enough to make me realize what I wanted to be. It addressed my question ‘Who am I’? Year 2014 was a fantastic year in all sense. It was full of lifelong learnings. It was a year of self discovery. And year 2015 will be a journey to develop upon the new discoveries. My journey has made me realize that while there are some MIRACLES which are driven by Allah, the rest of the MIRACLES lie in your own hand. The decision to smile in the toughest of the time is a self driven miracle. The decision to fight till the end if a self driven miracle. Rest, Allah’s help just follows.

My story of MIRACLES is best summed up by this wonderful composition from Queen (hope you will truly follow it)

Dhoonde har ek saans mein, dubkiyon ke baad mein
Har bhanwar ke paas kinare

Beh rahe jo saath mein, jo hamare khaas the
Kar gaye, apni baat kinare

Gar maanjhi saare saath mein, gair ho bhi jaaye
Toh khud hi toh patwaar ban, paar hoge hum

Jo choti si har ek nahar, sagar ban bhi jaayedownload
Koi tinka leke haath mein, dhoond lenge hum

Kinare.. kinare.. Kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, kinare..
Kaise honge kam, kinare..
Hain jahaan hai hum, kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, haan.. khud hi toh hai hum

Auron se kya, khud hi se, poonch lenge raahein
Yahin kahin, maujon mein hi, dhoond lenge hum

Boondon se hi, toh hain wahin, baandh lenge leherein
Peron tale jo bhi mile, baandh lenge hum

Kinare.. kinare.. kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, kinaare..
Kaise honge kam, kinare..
Hain jahaan hai hum, kinare..
Khud hi toh hai hum, haan.. khud hi toh hai hum

Lots of good wishes for 2015! 🙂


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