كن فيكون (Be, and it is)


Its been a long time. Its been more than six months. Time just flies. It’s a strange feeling. Sometimes, it feels everything is right. And then sometimes, it feels nothing is right. Probably, this is how life is supposed to be – momentary.

I have started feeling different hues of emotions all over again. But this time its different. I have held myself upright. Nothing can deter me. I am standing against all odds. I am standing tall with my head held high. Its going to be an uphill task. I know. Its going to be tough. I know. But I am a warrior. And warriors are supposed to fight till the end. I will fight. I will fight to rise up against all odds. I will fight for my life. Because Allah has bestowed me with only one life. And I cannot turn down Allah. I cannot turn down life.
Its time to live a life that I have always imagined. Its time to be ‘me’. Amen.


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