Happiness is …………. becoming a Monk :)


I never imagined I will pen down this thought. Sometimes, I just laugh thinking about it. I often tell myself, ‘Stop it Arpit! Just take it easy’. Unfortunately, it never came easy.

Just when I am about to hit 25, I am still searching for the reasons of my existence. I am still searching for happiness – in its purest and simplest form.

It rarely happens, when one fine day you wake up in the morning with a feeling that you want to leave behind all the ‘things’ in your life. Just stay away from people. Shut yourself from the world. Start living the life in the most basic form. Connect to your roots. Just like monks do. Yes, this might sound crazy. But I am thinking of becoming a monk.

You have started laughing! Isn’t it? You might just tell me now, ‘This happens in reel life, get out of it’. But its hard to get out of it. Its been a long time since I have been observing people and this world. 99% are living a life which they never want to. Take birth, grow up, go to school, then college, get a job, wait for promotion, get married, buy a house, buy a car, plan kids, wait for kids to grow up, pay loans, settle the kids, get some deadly disease and then wait for death to take you away.


This is what we are expected to do. Isn’t it? This is what our forefathers have done and hence we are also destined to do the same. Probably, the society dictates certain norms for ‘human beings’ . So, what we are following is just a societal norm. Well, if this is what it means to be human being, why didn’t God turn us into animals?

Today, happiness is associated with – top university degree, a big house, a lavish car, fat paycheck, promotions, luxurious travels and what not. Things, things and only things.

Do you recall the moment when you just gazed at the open sky and saw the twinkling stars and felt euphoric? Do you recall the last time it rained and your soul was filled with happiness from the earthy fragrance of the soil?

Well, I miss being a human. I miss being connected to my roots. I have outgrown as a human machine.

Probably, some years down the lane, I will be writing my thoughts on a plank of wood in the lap of nature where I will see life in its purest form.

And for the society – ‘ Society you are a crazy breed, I hope you are not lonely without me – Alexander Supertramp’

P.S. – I saw ‘Into the wild’ a week back. And for all those who think this crazy thought belongs to reel life, well, the movie was based on a real life story :).



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