Monthly Archives: December 2016

The Saga of the Bucket List :)


Last December, after a lot of hiccups, I decided to take a leap of faith. I received an admit to the MBA program and I knew that life is not going to remain the same. Today, exactly after one year of deciding to try something new in life, I  am writing this post in my dorm.

Its been 6 months into the program and the journey has been transformational. And when I say transformational, I mean it in literal sense. I have lost 14 kgs and I am back to my lean form. How does it feel? Incredible! The compliments are flattering specially when you can see that your double chin has disappeared and you can easily fit into the slim fit trouser without holding your breath.

While weight loss seems to be the highlight of my experience, I finally crossed off a couple of things from my bucket list courtesy the MBA program.


The very first thing on my bucket list was to live independently. Living all by yourself can be a challenging yet a joyful experience. Specially for someone like me who has never stayed away from home. I have finally lived up to the challenge of not only staying in a different country but taking care of myself – right from food to finances.The kick of being an independent individual is incredible yet humbling. Not only you become more responsible, you start appreciating the most basic things in life which you otherwise take for granted.

While living independently has been an achievement, I am living my dream of attending a university. I have cribbed since the end of my school days about how much I miss the experience of university life. Voilà! I have another to do’s struck off my list. Its a wonderful experience to stay in a dorm, slip into tees, shorts and slippers to attend classes, sleep during lectures, hang around the campus, run after campus riders to attend morning classes, churn out assignments close to deadlines, eat Maggie in wee hours, go for night strolls, have booze parties on weekends and laugh out aloud watching late 90’s shows on YouTube. I have finally lived a graduate life that I will cherish all throughout.

Lastly, this one year has not only given me a break from the mundane corporate life, it has given me the opportunity to stop for sometime and reflect. I felt I was incessantly running all  these years with literally no idea of where I was heading to, what I wanted to become and what did I want from my life. In short, I was lost. But I can now say that I have nearly crossed off another must do from my list – to get lost in life but find my way. This journey has not only helped in self discovery, it has pushed me out of my comfort zone to experiment and experience the world.

Finally, someone told me sometime back that to become a writer, it is important to have myriad experiences in life before you start transforming them into words. With still 6 months more to go, I hope this experience becomes the most valuable part of my journey to become a writer. Amen.