Monthly Archives: January 2017

Unheard prayers


It’s been close to 7 months in Singapore now. While I have become acquainted to the humdrum of local life, I cannot forego my brain to ponder over instances from the routine. One such instance has been bothering me so much that I decided to write about it.

In the past few months, I have regularly come across an octogenarian man with a hunched back sitting right in the middle of the crossing and selling tissue papers outside the MRT station. Be it anytime of the day, I have always noticed him sitting there trying to sell a packet of tissue papers for a meager amount of $1. He cannot even speak because he uses his hands to attract attention of the onlookers. At one point, I felt sympathetic for him. It’s unfortunate that he has to work so hard at this age to survive in this world. But on the other hand, I could not ignore his courage and determination to overcome his struggles. And from here, my string of thoughts started taking root. This old man made me wonder why God turns a blind eye to our sufferings. Why doesn’t God listen to our prayers sometimes?


I have been really inspired by Anne Frank right from my teenage. Till date, she continues to be an inspirational figure to me. When I read about Anne’s story in eighth standard, I still had these questions – Why did bad things happen to good people? Why couldn’t God hear the prayers of the Jews when Hitler tortured them in the gas chambers? But I could never figure out the answers to these questions as a teenager. And even today, I still feel puzzled. When the pictures of Omran Daqneesh flashed in the news, I couldn’t stop thinking how Almighty could be so cruel to the little boy who lost his entire family to the bombings in Aleppo and was now left alone to face this world at such a tender age.

This world is certainly full of sufferings. But should this make us question the existence of Almighty? I am not an atheist. I firmly believe that there is a strong undefined force which has created this world, which has created you and me. And I deeply respect this force.

But probably the pain and cruelty of this world has put even God to shame. He always hears our prayers – whether it were the Jews or the people of Syria or this old man who sits outside the MRT. But sometimes, he just feels helpless and keeps his people alive by giving them courage to face the challenges of this world. And when the miseries of this world become overbearing for his children, they all find their place right next to him in the heaven.