Monthly Archives: April 2017

Are we living in a pretentious world?


As I surf closer to the end of another chapter in life, I have discovered some ingrained human traits that we tend to deny but sooner or later we project it in our behavior and interactions.

Hypocrisy seems an extremely malicious word and everyone fears to be categorized as a ‘hypocrite’. But the reality is that on days when the darker side of our personality becomes dominant, being a hypocrite comes very naturally to all of us.


There are days when we fail to follow what we preach. And of course, as humans this again comes very natural to us as we all love to preach but fail to follow our own advice. For instance, you hear someone supporting the LGBT rights and the very next moment the same person may become extremely uncomfortable on being asked about his/ her sexual preference. Similarly, if you ask a guy if he respects woman in general, prompt reply will be ‘Of course, I do’. And probably you might overhear the same guy calling his friend a mother fucker in a casual conversation over phone. Hypocrisy doesn’t consider race, sex, culture or religion. It’s inherent to the human species. It is almost second to our nature.

Each one of us wears a different mask every day. The moment you step out of your home and enter college or office you wear a different mask. And then you easily put on another mask when with family and friends. But no matter how many masks you wear and roles you play, but deep inside all of us, there is a certain set of values and principles which should always remain unchanged. Because the moment those principles start changing with those masks, you move closer to becoming a hypocrite.

So don’t be afraid to speak your mind not with the intent of pleasing people but because you believe in what you say and you stand by it. And whenever in doubt, remember you are a human being and not a chameleon.