20 something and still unsure?


In this fast paced life, you come across individuals from different age groups each having unique aspirations and goals. However, I am more fascinated with the people in their 20s. Their stark ideology about life makes me wonder if they are really travelling in the same boat.

20s is a phase when newly classified adults are actually struggling with the title of being an adult. While for some, it may be a smooth sail but for rest it may be a long arduous journey. Some like to stick to the usual norms of the society that marks successful accomplishment of their transition to adulthood whereas some prefer to just make their own rules. While each to their own, I couldn’t help but think about the ones who take their own time to accept adulthood in its full form.

In these few years of conscious living, I have come across extremely motivated, inspirational and energetic guns in their 20s who are really clear about what they want in life. Not only are they happily working towards the predicted milestones set by the society, they tend to overcome the biggest hurdle of defining the purpose of life that daunts some of their counterparts who may not be as receptive. So does it mean it is the end of the road for the struggling 20 something individuals who are slow, indecisive, unpredictable and unsure about their life?


Right from childhood, we are encouraged to plan our life well as every action is linked to the future. We are taught to think about the future and work towards it. We are expected to have a vision in life – what we want to become, what we want to achieve and where do we see ourselves in the next few years. We become so accustomed to plan our future that it becomes a part of our life and we feel motivated to work towards it every day. But do you think that all of us can easily assimilate what we are taught from childhood? May be no. And this explains the reason for the poles apart thought process of people in their 20s. Probably, the ones who could not accept this process in their formative years tend to question its purpose when they prepare for transition to adulthood. And it is these slow yet inquisitive fellows, who would want to experiment and fail till they make their own rule book that they can happily follow.

I think at the end of the day, our purpose in life is the same – happiness. But our journeys are so different that we tend to judge people on the basis of the paths they chose in their life. I have noticed that the sorted out 20s tend to frown upon their peers who decide to take the less dictated path. Therefore, as young individuals, it is important for us to embrace different ideologies about life and celebrate the struggle of the ones who cannot fit into the predictable pattern of leading life that is usually preached by the society. Probably, 20s is the only time when we have all the rights to make and break our own rules before we standardize them for our 30s.

PS – I tend to fling between the two ideologies frequently but I think I have a rule-book “almost” in place that combines the best of the worlds 🙂


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