Confessions of a Drug Addict


Are you someone who feels incomplete if you do not have a plan? Do you panic when things do not go as planned? If your answer to these questions is in affirmative, fear not, you are still sane and sorted. In fact, you can pat your back for inculcating a business lesson in your life – ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. While majority of you must have breathed a sigh of relief, somewhere in that crowd there will be a poor soul among us who would be hesitant to shamelessly blurt a no. So I decided to end this month long hiatus from writing by analyzing what goes on behind the curtains when a person decides not to plan.

Just a couple of days back, one of my friends mentioned how planning becomes redundant as we grow and progress through different phases of life. Initially, I felt that the statement was completely flawed. I wanted to argue that planning becomes all the more stronger force as we progress . We lay out a perfect plan of how we want to see our life and relentlessly work as per it. And we become anxious the moment things go awry. I can literally vouch for the same as during my formative years, I meticulously planned each hour, day, month and the foreseeable future. But today I surprised myself when I sheepishly agreed with my friend and topped up the statement  with my own two cents, ‘It’s better to live in the moment’. There you go! I am the shameless soul who no longer feels incomplete without a plan and who doesn’t panic because I no longer have a plan at the first go.

When I reason out such a drastic shift, I realize that planning is like a drug. A drug which if used to experience abrupt periods of high in life will not do any harm. But if you 67612e203f939f9d5c92095294007f74--sugar-rush-perfect-kissbecome addicted to it, you will soon be seeking help. And now when I reflect on the past, I realize I had unknowingly become a drug addict. I enjoyed the momentary highs when the plan worked and experienced long periods of disappointment when it failed. Maybe this was a way of life teaching its own version of a business lesson – ‘failing to live in the moment is planning to fail in life’.

In my rehab years, I realized that while it is good to be methodical and planned in your approach towards life, but excessive planning overshadows the present. How can you expect to live in the moment when all you want to do is plan your tomorrow?

Thankfully, post rehab I have grown more cautious and have learned to appreciate that after a point, there are certain things in life that cannot be planned. It is important to let life take its own course while you can submerge yourself in the moment, worry a little less and smile a little more. It is okay to go with the flow but paddle in brief intervals. After all, only dead fishes go with the flow.

PS – I had tried to pen down my thoughts just based on the ending quote of this post a couple of months back, but it did not fit in and I ended up writing nothing. And today, it made its way effortlessly. 🙂



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  1. Live in the moment..easier said than done nai? Even though I am not someone who plans her life to the last detail but I havent been able to learn how tonlet go of this need to control life and hence my discomfort while reading ur blog today 🙈 ahh teach me too

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