R&H – The Forbidden Fruit


A couple of days ago while sorting out my email box I came across a folder named ‘R&H’ in the archive section. The flash of the folder stirred the same excitement when I would see the collection of my old childhood photographs. The only difference being that this folder contained memories that I may not like to relive again. But I succumbed to the excitement of discovering the forbidden fruit and ended up taking a bite of it.

The moment I took the first bite, a message popped up “Thank you for attending the interview with XYZ Consulting. We enjoyed having a conversation with you and appreciate the interest you have expressed. Unfortunately, on this occasion, based on the discussions with you and within our team, we are unable to match your skills/experience with the specific opportunity. Once again, thank you for your interest in XYZ Consulting and we wish you all the very best in your future endeavors’. Before I could even digest the message that came with the first bite, I went on to take another bite. The fruit tasted ridiculously bad but I could not resist it and with the second bite, another message popped up. “Our Admissions Committee has reviewed your application with careful consideration.  In view of the very keen competition, we regret to inform you that we are unable to offer you a place in our Full-time MBA class for intake 2016. We have received more applications from qualified candidates than our capacity allows us to accept, thus we have had to turn down a number of admirable applicants. Thank you again for your interest in our MBA program and we wish you every success in your future endeavors!”.

Well, this didn’t end here and I spent an entire afternoon finishing the forbidden fruit and uncovering the skeletons of my efforts. The same day after sorting out the email box and discovering the forbidden folder, I began to think about Rejections and the customary Heartache. Why are rejections looked down upon in general? Why do we feel sad when we are rejected? Can this ‘R’ someday bring a smile to our face like the childhood photographs?


As I pondered over these questions, I realized that this problem roots to our perception. In fact, there could be two schools of thoughts. The first one may categorize rejection as a reflection of our vices and shortcomings in life. It would invoke nothing but a feeling of misery and deep sadness. But then there is another school of thought that may categorize rejection as a blessing and an indication that one has to knock many wrong doors before the right one opens up. May be, there is really a paradise called “true match” which would take tireless efforts before one can finally dive in its cold oasis. But unfortunately, our human emotions always push us towards the former thought process when we face a rejection in life. We tend to belittle ourselves and try to find  faults in our abilities and personality till we feel a pinch of heartache. While we can effortlessly stick to this painful experience, but it takes efforts equivalent to moving mountains when we try to justify the latter thought process and take on the journey to discover the paradise. May be, this is the reason that ‘R’ is never associated with a sense of joy and pride.

In these years, I have learnt that while rejections are not in our hand, however the power to pair it with Happiness or Heartache will always remain with us . And may be choosing happiness cannot reverse a rejection, but it can at least ease out the journey to paradise.

PS – After sorting out my email box, I renamed the folder from “R&H” to “Rejection & Happiness”.

PS Again – If you believed in my story of the email box, feel free to message or drop in your comments. I will pat myself for becoming a good storyteller 😛


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