Quarter life crisis – a new epidemic?


Of these 26 years of existence, my 20s continue to be the most eventful phase of life. While I have enjoyed my share of highs, I have experienced the lows too. And when I think about lows, I am reminded of a term I first came across in 2007 when I had just started my blog. A fellow blogger had shared a post about “Quarter Life Crisis” and how this devil had left her mentally and emotionally drained. As I recollect my memory, I remember having a very insensitive reaction to her post despite having very little understanding of this term. I must confess I stopped visiting her blog thinking that her writing was depressing and reflected her negative approach towards life. Unfortunately, for someone who has lived in a glass world, a little rub with reality seemed like a threat to break the glass walls. However, little did I knew that ten years later, I will be eventually writing about it.

Quarter-life-crisisWhile I am sure a lot of readers might be well versed with this phase, but for the ease of understanding of all, Wikipedia defines quarter life crisis as a “period ranging from 20s to 30s in which a person begins to feel doubtful about his life brought on by the stress of becoming an adult”. While our parent’s generation may not have substantially experienced it, but today when I talk to so many people of my age, I realize it has become an epidemic that impacts all alike – the sorted and the messed.

I see young people confused and struggling on their way to accept adulthood in different ways. We desire love and companionship, but we do not know if we are grown up enough to handle it sensitively. We want money, but we are still confused between passion and profession. We want freedom to make our choices, but we are not strong enough to own up to its consequences. In short, we are stuck right in the middle of the bridge that wobbles as we take a step every day to become an adult in true sense.

While most of us would usually assimilate this phase in our life and would cross the bridge with ease, however, there would some of us who would be plagued by the very idea of becoming an adult. And it is this lot that would slip, fall, and slip again till they accept that they cannot stand on the bridge forever. But till the time this realization would dawn, they will continue to struggle. They would want to seek help but would hesitate to reach out due to the fear of being judged. And thus the struggle would be prolonged in the form of bouts of depression, anxiety attacks and a constant feeling of insecurity.

While I wouldn’t share my own personal story of survival as it is painted all over my blog, but having been there and done that, I have realized that it is important to shun the fear of being judged and to shamelessly reach out for help. And trust me, as Dumbledore said ‘Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it’, so the moment you will open up yourself to someone who can understand you, that is the time you will effortlessly cross the bridge.

PS- If you are someone stuck on the bridge and still hesitant to ask for help, just remember everyone is buried in the same shit – only the quantity and quality may differ. Hope this will ease your struggle 🙂


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