I have discovered over a period of time that traveling can be therapeutic. It makes you feel more connected to life. I have never been a traveler till my teens. But of late, I have discovered the joy of traveling.

Traveling is like an itch. It sets into your thoughts and commands you to pack your bags for a journey of self discovery. I have started liking this itch. No doubt, such adventures can sometimes cost you a bomb, but that sudden decline in your bank balance is worth it if you get a baggage full of memories to cherish all your life.

I have realized that when you start traveling, you tend to develop a broader perspective of life, people, religion and cultures. In short, it makes you more wiser.

Just like I love to share my myriad experiences about work, education, relationships and money, I believe its worth it to share my travel stories now. So hold on your breath, as I will slowly unwrap my travel sagas and who know’s, one such travel destination might land up in your next itinerary too.

Bon Voyage! 🙂


Image Courtesy - Google

Image Courtesy – Google

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