Life is like a leaf. Each day you turnover a new leaf, you discover a new face of life…..sometimes soft, sometimes mild and sometimes harsh.

cropped-10464189_895895673760297_4841173065811102506_n.jpgUpholding all the traits of a typical Gemini, I come across as a creative person who likes to share his petite experiences of life with people.

Sometimes as an orator, sometimes as a friend, sometimes as a free soul…..each day I play a new role and discover the joyful experience of life .


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  1. Arpit, you can nominate your post about Delhi, then there was a post where you had described your old home. There were some verses too that you wrote in a post. You could nominate Willow’s posts too.

  2. Geminis are supposed to be two-faced personalities…are you one as well?? 😛

    arpit : as i said that i am a typical gemini so obviously i uphold all the traits of the sun sign. everyone is a multi faced personality and i am no exception! 😀 plus in the long run you are dealing with humans , so surely each day you reveal a new face and a new personality 🙂 what say 😛

  3. are u a techie ?? bits n bytes 🙂

    arpit : hey welcome to bits n bytes 🙂
    no i am not a techie .actually the full name of the blog is bits n bytes of life i think it was just bits n bytes which made you wonder that i am a techie is it? 🙂

  4. yup 🙂

    arpit : well i have never thought of being a “techie”. so its quite surprising……. besides if you are thinking that i am working …..then you got it wrong ….i am still in school 😛

  5. Well, I guess this is my first time here. Been planning to drop in for some time but was too lazy to go to a new blog I guess. I had no idea you were in school.

    arpit welcome to bits n bytes of life nita 🙂
    oh it does not really matters …..i can very well understand that with new bloggers coming in it sometimes becomes tiresome to visit each and every blog
    yes, how would you be knowing about it……after all i have hardly mentioned this to anybody except a few 🙂
    anyways , thanks and keep visiting 😛

  6. well arpit u r doing a great job and as i know u personally you will just keep rocking

    : welcome to bits n bytes of life ! 😛
    and thanks for your appreciation. do feel free to drop in any time 🙂

  7. Arpit,
    I have been reading your blogs and findthem very interesting.I am a late enterent to the blogging community.
    I would be happy if you would add me in your link page.Would you?

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