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A day gone in trash!!!!


STATUTORY WARNING :This post is an exaggerated off beat post providing another glimpse of writer’s ( out of) school life.

Alright, day before yesterday I had participated in Prodigy -2008 organized by College of Business Studies( CBS), University of Delh. CBS has been known for imparting quality education in field of business research and is one of the premier colleges in entire Asia in this field. I told you the writer will exaggerate ( but yes, it is a good college with about 120 seats and 5000 students competing for it…okay then what is so good about it ? 😛 ) .



It was a chilly morning ( yipeeeee winters are coming back 😛 ) . I was sitting in the front seat with my friend accompanied with the driver ( felt like kicking him because I was not getting enough space,.but then who would drive). I was going through my business studies book and the worst of all chapter “ Marketing” because I was part of the event “Marketing Pitcher “whose prelims was based on this chapter. So I wrapped up the session quickly ( after all its harmful to read in a moving vehicle 😛 ). Then my sweet tooth stuck in between ,so I ate gems and offered some to my favorite economics teacher ( oops why am I misinterpreted? 😀 ) . She accepted it at my first offer( okay what am I supposed to do….I thought she had refuse! 😦 ). The journey was boring ….but thank god there was no traffic. The venue was located in the north campus( Delhi’s hotspot and students hangout) . It is one of the posh area and it fascinates me a lot ( I don’t know if I had land up there in one of the colleges next year …..but I don’t want to). Okay , so finally we reached the venue after wasting away 15-20 minutes searching for it…not to forget we passed in front of it and then found it was VIP area so no U-turn was allowed. It was a big auditorium and had 70 schools competing in the event. At the entrance we were greeted by one of my school senior , formally dressed( hey! do we actually change so much after passing out from school 😛 ). Next the guy greeted me with a genuine smile and I gave a polite gesture. So next we moved in , were handed out the schedule of the programme and were seated. As I told you earlier that I was competing for two events one was “Marketing Pitcher “and the other was “Acumen” – the brainstorming quiz( it should have been brain washing quiz 😛 …….tell you about that later).

So I took a glimpse of my surroundings…….okay so there was Modern School , Barakhamaba road., girls from St Thomas School Mandir marg, Bal Bharti Pitampura, boys from St Columbus, Amity International and of course Apeejay School Pitampura( hey that is mine)…..and list is endless(70 schools and half the names I dont even know ). The event kicked off with the college’s Principal welcome note and then introduction to the theme by one of the professor ( not to forget his bad accent). And with the blokes from Modern School laughing their way off as if they were some lunatic out on run 😛 , the acumen competition began.

It was absolutely a bad quiz( not to mention that I suck at business quizzes) . So out of like 25 questions both me and my partner were able to answer 10 . Now how the hell would us be knowing that which bank financed VEER –ZAARA. (these questions are part of BBS entrance exam). So finally going through so much hardship of answering questions, thankfully the time was up and sheets were collected. The result were to be declared at 12:45 . So then we waited for the marketing pitcher . But we were told that the students participating in acumen cannot help the group in Marketing pitcher preliminary round. What the heck? . ( actually it was our teacher who screwed up things by placing people wrongly 😦 the marketing pitcher guys knew answers of acumen and we knew answers to marketing pitcher). So finally results of preliminary round were declared , guess what? We were shown the way out! Yes we didn’t get selected in either of the two. And to add on to our agony, the comparers gave so many pauses in declaring the results ( as if it was an Indian Idol show)…..for instance they went on like this “the next school selected is Apeejay School………………………..NOIDA) .Great so there was another branch of Apeejay…and we thought we got selected. But at least the refreshment was good. Thankfully I didn’t have to feed on my lunch because on that day my mother had given me my least favorite dish……so the day ended in a trash….. with the school bus not available to pick us up……we took the metro…and with my teacher on top of it who didn’t even know the way out( imagine she took the token and went out of the station… 😛 ) and then finally I landed way back home and crashed !!!!

So that was one day( god it had been better if I had attended the school) of my school life or shall I say out of school life.

But that too is going to come to an end…….its just 4 months more to go for the transitional phase of journey from school to college ( I don’t know how I am going to live without my second home) …..


  • Humble request to readers not to mind the writer because some points have been exaggerated by him. He is humming to the tune of ROCK ON and is unmindful of the fact that tomorrow he has a test so he needs to go to sleep! Go to sleep you nutty blogger. I told you ………….see 😛 🙂 !
  • please do poll for the writer wants to know your views whether the exaggeration worked out or not 😛