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A boomerang city called “Delhi” ,Part II


“A city of honking cars, jammed streets, loud mouthed people, notorious auto rickshaw drivers, uncouth policemen, corrupt white collar officials, gossiping neighbors, eve teasers and blah blah blah!”. Does this sounds synonymous to Delhi. It not only sounds synonymous but it is actually Delhi. Welcome to the capital of India and the proud host of Common Wealth Games 2010, my very own DELHI (thunderous applauds with drums rolling!). Now what makes Delhi the melting pot of so many uncultured cultured people.Its time to take hot shots at the typical Delhiites :

The Agony aunts : Baby problem, marriage problem, health problem…….no worries. These agony aunts akka the latest peeping toms are here to your rescue. They don’t shy away from asking questions like ” Kudi ki shaadi nu bohot time ho gaya ,  koi khush khabri hai kya….. bachha ho nahi raha ya abhi karna hi nahi chahte ( its been a long time since your daughter got married, any good news? ah! your daughter cannot conceive or is it that she doesn’t want to ). One cup of hot tea with biscuits will just suffice for these “problem busters” to discuss the latest gossips doing the round in the neighborhood like who got married, who got divorced, who is dating whom, who cannot conceive, who has got a new salwar kurti……..and blah blah blah! These are the gossip mongers , problem “creators” and the unprecedented wanna be page 3 ( no page for them) self styled new version of  agony aunts.

The notorious auto rickshaw drivers : They are the latest entrepreneurs making the big cut hole in our pockets.”Grahak ko paagal banayo aur paisa kamao(make money and be fool the customers) “is their new slogan. They are the beneficiaries of recession. The smartest of  the lots , they will prefer to sit ideal than helping a poor commuter reach his destination. And a glimpse of foreign tourists or visitors lends gold to their eyes.

The peeing toms: STINK……..STENCH……….PHEW! These desi toms will urinate anywhere and everywhere, mindlessly scratch their crotch in the public and  spit with the weirdest of the sound. They paint the city red and yellow because these are the only colors they have ever known .For them peeing is a time pass , so whenever they get a chance they will never miss on it. Public urinals or no urinals…….who gives a damn …just concentrate on peeing.

Mr congeniality cum Mr eve teaser :For them women are like Jadoo( the alien), they want to “frandship ” with them, whistle at them and eve tease them. Meet the Mr Congeniality(s) who think they have ” beauty contest winner looks”  that all the aliens women will be ready to “frandship “with them. And then there are sub title winners like Mr Eve teasers who will play loud music in their car ,preferably some English song(which sounds like french to them), stop their car and will offer a lift to the alien . And I wish the alien just pepper sprays at them . BINGO!

The serial swearers : M***** F***** , S***** F***** and ******************. Their morning start with beeps and ends with beeps. They will not miss out a chance to use the swear word, to abuse your mothers and sisters and day in day out they add new words  to their  abuses dictionary.They use all their wits to develop a new lingo which I call the swear lingo. What hard working and generous people! (ahem ahem)

The Bling on beauties : Occasion or no occasion these fashion divas disasters cannot look anything beyond the bling factor. Be it marriage or  a simple cocktail party ( if they have ever been invited to one), these divas cannot live without their ostentatious jewelry and  flashy saris .For them simplicity earn you BOOH -HOO . For them the  more flashy you are,the more you are fashionably hip and up market. They are the original disaster queens . 😛

The gently corrupt brigade : Who said corruption is bad when it can swell up your belly , lends you the power to misuse law and grants you  the worldly comforts. Welcome the corrupt brigade of Delhi. Uncouth policemen, politicians and other white collar officials who wouldn’t mind stripping you not only of money, clothes but also of your self respect as “bribery” for the progress of the nation wins hands down!

The irony comes with the fact that the city which I  praised to the hilt has such a cold shoulder to smother.Delhi has once again revealed a not so appreciable facet.

A Boomerang City Called “DELHI”


An apt title for the city my parents chose to live in. Delhi, a paradise for its natives, a virgin for the foreigners and jewel of makbaras and tombs for the historians. This city has so much to offer, a roller coaster life, a heart sweeping history and the warmth of Indian culture and values.

As a teenager I have seen the city grow up with me. I have felt its kindness, the beauty of its monuments and the warmth of its people. And boom I have seen its coldness and gloomy side. Then there have been times to take a back seat and let the city take over. I remember whenever I returned back to Delhi from vacations at some hill stations I felt relieved and elated as if it was a reunion of two lost comrades 🙂

Today after so many years I think the city has twisted and turned like a boomerang awaiting to reach its destination which is still so far away. As I grew up, I noticed five major changes in the city:

Metro: I would regard it as a blessing in disguise for all Delhiites. Inspired from the underground metro first started in kolkata, Delhi’s metro is slowly turning out to be the lifeline of the city. With fully air conditioned compartments and proper seating place, it has brought a huge relief for all the office goers and college kids specially during the rush hours. 😀 But we dilliwallas will never change. Come what it may be we are never going to shed the bad habit of littering anywhere and everywhere be it the ordinary DTC buses or Metro.

Personal peek–a-boo : All the delhiites, this is your call. Start using bins placed at small distances all throughout the metro stations and if possible please extend this habit to other public places as well. Secondly, ensure that you do not use the lifts unless you are physically challenged or too old (and please stop acting dumb as if you are not able to understand the symbols flashing at several places).

Gay pride parade : Well one of the most burning issue in the Indian society, homosexuality got a new meaning as Delhi got its first taste of the gay pride parade. Eunuchs, gays, lesbians all came out of the closet into the open , singing “Hum gay hain toh kya hua dillwale hain” .Rainbow flags and flashy wristbands signifying their unity, it seemed that Delhiites have finally accepted diverse sexualities. Supporting the cause were college youth, gay activists and several other eminent people who showed their concern for the third world of people.

So the message was loud and clear “ Being gay is actually being normal”

Personal peek–a-boo: All the sleepy politicians ,this is a wake up call for you all. Delhiites are supporting this cause then why cant the government be moved by it.Besides I really liked the fact that recently our Health Minister Mr Ramadoss asked for legalizing homosexuality in India (deserves patting for it 😀 )

Art and Music: Delhi always outstands for its art, music and richly diverse culture. With more and more of art galleries cropping around CP and other prominent places, it seems the city cant get more of it. Day again music concerts have added to the pep factor of the city. Besides the screening of international movies at IHC on weekends with music by Sarod maestros and Sufi singers has made Delhi an ensemble of diverse cultures 🙂

Personal peek–a-boo: If you are not a music and an art lover, don’t feel disheartened. Checkout these links. Surely there is a lot this city has got to offer.

Delhi Tourism-Cuisines Delhi Tourism-Pubs

Fashion brigade: Somebody just passed this thought in my ear Delhi can never be the fashion capital”, excuse me just come again!

Witnessing some major fashion events like Blenders Pride and Indian fashion week, Delhi has left Mumbai far behind. It undoubtedly has the potential to become the next fashion capital of the world. Even as Delhi teens don some cool fashion statements, the spunky jewellery, haram pants, Versace bags, high heeled boots, latest hair style and with the oh-so metrosexual factor raging like fire…Delhiites have a way to go! 😀

Personal peek–a-boo: Well if you don’t want to burn a hole that big in your pocket don’t get disheartened. Between the conjusted lanes you can still pick up some cool stuff at a reasonable price. So all the shopping spree just check out this link.

Delhi Tourism-Public Tourism

Women Safety: Being one of the most serious issue and with Delhi having the reputation of being regarded as the crime capital it seems this city is soon going to be barred off women. Be it the infamous MAMC rape case or the sirifort rape case, the level of insecurity is rising day by day in the opposite sex.

Personal peek–a-boo: All men out there…its high time now. Start respecting women. They are not your private property whom you have inherited from your forefathers. And next time you go on hooting like fowl animals remember you also must be having your mother and sisters at home!

Well, so time and again Delhi has changed for me and will continue to do so, being the reason I call it the boomerang city.So if you are a Delhiite, then this is the place for you to express your concern and suggestions for this ever zestful city! 😀