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Singing a silent song……………..


PS– If you have always liked knowing the brighter side of the blogger inside me than you had better skip this post for it is dark, sorrowful and intensely emotional.

” Sometimes there is a need to put down the hour glass and observe the time fly by because in that moment of introspection actions deem to speak up for themselves………………………………”


These past few months have been really traumatizing for me. So many changes , perhaps I would have never imagined in the worst of my nightmares , have taken place that I silently want to bury away my past and want to start afresh. There have been moments when I have silently cried through nights, there have been moments when I hated myself,felt the pangs of jealousy, envied what others have,then there have been moments when I have cursed people, cursed my very own destiny and cursed almighty. It was a period of  unbound grief, cascading sorrow,shattered confidence and falsehood. But I think what kept me intact was the power of those special , life long relationship where a mother lovingly wiped away my tears silently praying to almighty for my good health and good luck, where a father silently supported me with his wisdom, where  loving  sisters always tried to bring a smile on my face assuring me that hard work will pay off one day, where a friend in the darkest of time brought back glimpses of light in my life assuring me that one day I will shine like a star, where a group of closest school buddies gave me that unimaginable strength to keep on fighting knowingly that it was an unequal battle between destiny and me. How can I forget the most important of  all , my alter ego, my soul which kept on telling me that victory is not so far.

In this moment of introspection I realized the worth of those special bonds which will always hold me tightly even when I  break down into fits of grief and sorrow. It seems that life has altogether shown me a different phase with a lesson to be remembered life long . Money, fame, power are just those few materialistic things which can never give you the strength to face the worst of all nightmares.Its those special relationship which matter the most in life because  when the soul will depart it will memorize the worth of what almighty has bestowed upon us. The worth of human relationships.

Even as I write this post I am moved and left teary eyed for the endless support my family ,my friends and my best friend have provided me in this difficult time. And above all my gratitude towards my soul for helping me to restore the connection with almighty  because of whom the living nightmare has ended, for the endless strength ,power and patience  to break away from that glass dream which was actually not my own dream. In this moment of self inspection my actions have spoken aloud that what I am heading towards now will surely bring peace, serenity and self satisfaction in life .AMEN……………………………….

I am missing blogging!!!!!!!


“Well it has been like a month since I have written a new post on my blog. I feel really sorry for repeatedly disappointing you in case you have been visiting my blog for new posts or replies to previous posts. Since I have been quite busy with my studies these days and with terminals and the pre -board exams making their way , I think it would be sure shot difficult for me to blog .But I hope to write a new post soon and share the views of all my blogosphere friends 🙂 ”

Life is a blooming dream, the master gives it the wings ……….fly , fly up above the heavenly sky ……….and let the world watch you touch the ocean blue sky

On this note I hope to return to the blogging circle very soon, but till then please do remember me and keep visiting my blog 🙂

Music for your soul


Music is the divine contemplation of the soul. It is the longing of the heart , a string which if hit at the right note makes the world look beautiful. It brings out the heart felt sorrow, elates the soul and above all shows the way to be in touch with the almighty residing within you when life brings sheer misery and loneliness.
Well this post is dedicated to all the music lovers for music knows no boundaries of race and religion. Interestingly one of my personal favorite is meticulously appreciated in this post. 😀

VOLARE (Italian for the infinitive form of the verb “to fly”)!!! Well I don’t know how many of you have heard this song, but it is a peppy Italian number by the Gipsy Kings. Frankly speaking, I don’t even know the exact wordings of the song, but if you play the video (scroll down) you will find a picturesque background in black and white with young girls dancing to the foot tapping number and to add on the pulse and groove to the song the melodiously played guitar makes you also feel like jumping on the dance floor and getting into the mood for some salsa. 😀
I first heard this song at one of the SDIPA show and it left me thoroughly mesmerized.
So if you are a music lover or wannabe musician, then just go ahead and listen to this song and surely it is going to leave you asking for more. 😀

Feeling mesmerized then go for the lyrics :

Original version

Pienso que un sueno parecido
No valvera mas
Y me pintaba las manos y la cara de azul
Y d’improviso el viento rapido me llevo
Y me hizo volar en el cielo infinito

Volare oh oh
Cantare oh oh oh oh
Nel blu dipinto di blu
felice di stare lassu

Mas alto que el sol

Mienstras el mundo se aleja despacio

Despacio de mi Una musicadulce tocada

Pienso que un sueno parecido
No valvera mas
Y me pintaba las manos y la cara de azul
Y d’improviso el viento rapido me llevo
Y me hizo volar en el cielo infinito

English version

sometimes the world is a valley
of heartaches and tears
and in the hustle and bustle of sunshine appears
but you and i have a love always there to remind us
there is a way we can leave all
the shadows behind us

volare oho cantare ohohoho
let’s fly way up to the clouds
away from the noisening crowds
we can sing in the glow of a star that i know
all we lovers enjoy peace of mind
let us leave in confusion and all dissilusion behind
just like birds on a wire and the
rainbow together we’llfind

volare oho cantare ohohoho
no wonder my happy heart sing
your love has given me wings
nel blu di pinto di blu
felice distare lassu
no wonder my happy heart sing
your love has given me wings

A bow to my past


When present becomes monotonous, just take a back seat and let the life takeover you. This is what I have been doing for the past three to four days and thought to share my experience with you all.

Well, life took me to a pleasurable journey to the past. The journey was destined to discover the happy moments I spent in my ancestral home back in Rohtak. It was a house cum haveli which was located on the edge of the street. You had to climb up the road to enter into the street. Probably the largest house in the lane it attracted many eyes of the property dealers and neighbors who were always willing to buy it for any amount of money.

The haveli had large red colored doors which opened into a small space leading the way for an enchantingly large verandah. With creepers climbing up on the opposite wall of the verandah and the moss which grew on the wall usually due to the rains gave it a lush green color adding up to its charm. It was a hub of all our daily activities as it linked the kitchen, the petite rooms and the bethak (living room). Well it was in this verandah only where my parent’s sangeet ceremony was held. Not to forget, when all my cousins got together it brought life to this place. Read the rest of this entry

It’s happiness all the way


What if one day you turn into a clown? A clown who has so much to say, so much to tell about life. But with his one gleeful smile life seems to be a cakewalk. But ask him whether life has been so easy for him? Pat comes the reply,”No”. You will wonder then why he smiles and always cheer up people. Let me tell you the answer. Happiness is the state of your mind. When you are happy, you love to see beautiful things around you. Your positive aura motivates others and makes them also feel happy.

But I always wonder then why do people forget to smile in difficult times? Maybe because it’s human temperament or maybe it’s because we are never satisfied with what we have and always nag for things which others have. Honestly speaking , I really idolise a few people I know who have gone through the twists and turns of life but they still extracted a smiley moment from such experience and emerged victorious.

I believe that happiness is a lost art. It is a skill which each one of us possesses but the only difference is that we all have got so much involved in this rat race that we have unlearnt this art.

So go ahead and spread a smile each time you feel like and soon when each smile turns into a laugh see how life reveals the beautiful part of it. And always remember that each day you turn that smile into a gloomy straight line you only pave the way for the monster to reside by your side. So what are you waiting for…go and earn some browny points and let’s see who wins in this fast track race of being happy.

P.S. Winners get the key to a happy joyful life. 😀

A dice called “Life”


Sitting under the Tamarind tree a question always rattles memy beloved one’s often comment on me, but do they really know what they are doing to me………

An anguished person full of rage, feeling like a bird captured in a cage. Often I do fail to realize what do they want out of me, hard I do try but always fail to tackle the question rattling me, while sitting under the Tamarind tree…………….

My swollen eyes often depict my state, the turmoil in my life still awaits. I want to make them understand my tears are not alone to take my stand………………

As I still eagerly await for the day when I will have something to say, the unanswered question still rattles my life that whether I will achieve something that others can take in their stride…………

Sitting under the Tamarind tree I often think of thee…….