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Bidding Adieu To My Alma Mater :Part -II


” What the caterpillar perceives as the end of the world , the rest of the world calls it a butterfly “.

The thought of leaving the school seems so unconvincing in its own way .  But the institution  where I entered as a tiny tot fourteen years back has finally bid farewell to me. Every good thing has an end and so does school life. I really don’t know how life is going to turn out for me in the next five years , but I just pray to god that whenever I look back I have someone waiting for me with open arms and still remembers me , longs to meet me and has the same affection for me ……and I think that will be my school.


Thank you is too small a word , but I think I can never pay in the same coin  for the unconventional care and  love my school has given me.

Now, leaving aside the emotional part of it , I had the  farewell party -the much awaited one by all curious readers and blog buddies .Well it was all goody-goody. We were given away momento’s , hand made cards by our juniors and the citation where our class teacher spoke about every student. It was indeed very  touching. And then of course the party in the evening was  hell rocking 😛 . We even got to see some moves of the teachers as well .

So that was about it. Finally school is over but before that I have left a treat for you all in form of a token of thanks and appreciation to my school-Apeejay , Pitampura for making me what I am today.

Enjoy!!!   😛  ( credit entirely goes to both “S” ..if you are reading this …..for helping me to prepare the slide show )

PS- All images in the slide show are copy righted to me .

Bidding adieu to my Alma Mater : Part- I


You took me by my hand into the world of education……………you nurtured me with your fruits of dictation…………. and when I learned  to say thank you for everything …………….. you are wishing me luck as if it was nothing “

It had to come, It will come and I cannot do anything  because life is all about moving on. I wish I had a time machine to relive certain moments of my life, but I think the wish is too hollow that it cant be fulfilled .


School  brought me joy , it brought be the sense of being “myself”, it initiated my thought  process and it made me what I am today.But why it has to come to an end? It gave me that intangible shield, that warmth, that comfort which I believe nobody could . But  all will come to an end on 15th February 2009, the last day of my school life, of my beautiful world of fantasies, dreams, wishes and aspirations.  But it does not mean an end of everything . Its all about moving on with the pace of  time . After all change is the need of the hour. But  I owe a lot to my school for what it has inculcated in me . It is an emotional moment but I know I will deal with it . So I am just hoping for the best and keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes well 😛