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When happiness knows no bound !!!


Well I assured you all that I will get back to blogging circuit very soon , but I think the wait is not going to get over so soon for you 🙂 . But today I just feel ecstatic and euphoric 🙂 . And now since my readers have become a part of my life ,so I believe you all need to know the reasons for my happiness :

  • Firstly, my exams got over so obviously I am in high spirits ( credit entirely goes to ROCK ON!! and a bunch of good friends who actually made my day) 🙂 .
  • Secondly, I feel that today I got rid of the monotony in my life. The goal has been finally set and I am booming with energy to achieve it. Suddenly so much of enthusiasm has gushed in my life and all the apprehensions ( of whether I will be able to do it or not) have disappeared. 🙂

  • Thirdly, it seems I couldn’t have been more lucky. Finally my karma has paid off . I feel extremely happy as soon I will be getting a scholarship from my school for excellence in academics. I feel like I am on cloud nine as when you set a goal in your life and you achieve it , the happiness and satisfaction it brings along is worth it. I feel somebody is there watching you, seeing you do your karma, but it is he who has to decide when you will get the fruit. And here I get it……so whoever is watching me and is rewarding me for my karma ..I have nothing to say except thank you 🙂 .

Bring in the energy in me, oh mighty Lord always stand by me……kindness and benevolence are your traits ……..thank you for showering your blessings in the most graceful way

On this note I thank all my readers for sparing time to read my post and for being a part of this celebration called ” Life” 🙂 .