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Hurray!Bits n Bytes of Life turns an year old..


Happy birthday to you ! -(2)

Happy birthday to Bits n bytes of life  ! Happy birthday to you! 😛

May god bless you ! -(2)happy-birthday-cake

May god bless you Bits n bytes of life ! Happy birthday to you ! 😛

Happy long life to you !-(2)

Happy long life to Bits n bytes of life ! Happy birthday to you 😛

(Thunderous applauds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………….delightfully taking a bow …thank you ! thank you everyone! :P)

On  11th May , 2009 Bits n bytes of life turned an year old. With a whopping 12,677 hits since 11th May,2008 , 24 posts,3pages, 12 categories,94tags, 271 comments, 81 spam comments ,a maximum of 232 views per day , an average of 70 views per day and visitors from all around the world ( for greater details scroll down for the clustrMaps) , the journey has not been less than a roller coaster ride. But the blog has perfectly sailed through and has gained tremendous momentum in the past few  months.

The blog took its first baby steps with the post Its Mother’s Day followed by the following posts :







I believe that this list is going to turn long as with the support of all the readers and blog friends  I will definitely keep on writing , sharing my experiences , views and opinions.

And now to strengthen the bond I have been able to make with all the fellow bloggers , I have come up with certain awards for bloggers who I feel have slogged day in day out to make this blogging experience so enriching and delightful. So here I present the awards :

  • Blog-o-laureate award: This award is meant to honor the bloggers who have done astounding work, have come up with useful and enlightening posts and who actually in my opinion are the pride of the blogosphere. So the award goes to
  1. Nita
  2. Amit
  3. Poonam
  4. Reema
  • Creative Blogger award : This award is meant to appreciate the creative instinct and the artistic mind of a blogger who has the capability to think out of the box . The creativity can be seen in the way the blogger designs the header, the blog layout and the entire presentation which leaves an impact on the readers mind that they cannot miss a chance to visit such a blog. This award goes to
  1. Withering willow
  • Budding Blogger award : This award is meant to encourage new bloggers who have the perfect zeal for blogging and who are actually making waves in the blogosphere with their posts and comments. The award has been shared by three people
  1. Ambika
  2. Oorja
  • Bindaas Blogger award : This award is given to a blogger who dares to speak  her mind, has a bindaas attitude which is perfectly reflected in her posts and comments. And its recipient is none other than
  1. Alice
  • Entertaining Blogger award : The bloggers who have never missed a chance to bring a smile on our face with their posts, have entertained us throughout and always assured to bring a pinch of humor in their writings  should be appreciated for their efforts. So this award is shared by
  1. Arvind
  2. Harsh
  • Versatile Blogger Award : This award is meant to appreciate the versatility of the bloggers who have the capability to divulge into different areas and yet emerge victorious . Be it sports, politics, entertainment they have always emerged with flying colors by impressing us with their opinions and posts. In my view, this award should rightly go to
  1. Nick
  2. Kanagu
  • Most Active Blogger award : A blogger who has been always dedicated to blogging world , has never missed an opportunity to share the experiences by way of posts and always comes back to reply to the comments of the reader in time is surely meant to be appreciated. So this award gos to
  1. Sulz
  • Blogger cum chef award : This blogger comes up with the most “delicious” posts which is always a delight for the foodie’s. The blogger was previously advised to open a restaurant which he can still consider provided all the reader’s eat his finger licking food . Kudos to the recipient of this award which goes to none other than
  1. Odzer
  • U-first Blogger award : For this blogger his reader’s are everything. This blogger is right there to solve your problems and provide you with all possible solutions related to blogging. So in my view this award should certainly go to
  1. Vikas

This is what I have got to offer to you all in this post. Right now I am busy celebrating  the blog’s  birthday . Hope you all had a good time in reading this post and accepting the awards. In between, a mail has been sent to all the award winners along with their badges specially designed by me 😛

Till then chao!!!!!!

The train of life……………….


The train of life goes on, with unlimited passengers on board it moves on and on.

Sitting on the corner seat I notice myself , pleasurably appreciating the bounties of god on thy self.

A station named ” adolescence ” appears on my way , a new passenger boards the train on its way.

“Hey you look like me “, I remarked,”I didn’t intend to be , I was earmarked “.

Shocked with replete fear,  as he sat by my side ,he began his story as if I will take it in the right stride.

As he sobbed about his mistakes ,I  cheered him up with a glass  of milk shake.


Happy we were as he narrated his tales , jumps we took as if sailing on the blue whale.

But as I was about to make friends with him,he shook his hands away as if it was a whim .

Next,  the train stopped by the woods ……………….

” Adieu my friend , I adored your companionship” was his final reply,startled with emotions, he left me with happiness in immense  supply .

And then another companion boarded the train  in a file  ,he walked past me and said ” have a great journey ahead my friend ” in that old familiar chivalric style .

The woods passed by, the night passed by ,and the morning  spread the message  with a gentle smile ……..  ” fly up above the heavenly sky  with God always standing by your side “.

When happiness knows no bound !!!


Well I assured you all that I will get back to blogging circuit very soon , but I think the wait is not going to get over so soon for you 🙂 . But today I just feel ecstatic and euphoric 🙂 . And now since my readers have become a part of my life ,so I believe you all need to know the reasons for my happiness :

  • Firstly, my exams got over so obviously I am in high spirits ( credit entirely goes to ROCK ON!! and a bunch of good friends who actually made my day) 🙂 .
  • Secondly, I feel that today I got rid of the monotony in my life. The goal has been finally set and I am booming with energy to achieve it. Suddenly so much of enthusiasm has gushed in my life and all the apprehensions ( of whether I will be able to do it or not) have disappeared. 🙂

  • Thirdly, it seems I couldn’t have been more lucky. Finally my karma has paid off . I feel extremely happy as soon I will be getting a scholarship from my school for excellence in academics. I feel like I am on cloud nine as when you set a goal in your life and you achieve it , the happiness and satisfaction it brings along is worth it. I feel somebody is there watching you, seeing you do your karma, but it is he who has to decide when you will get the fruit. And here I get it……so whoever is watching me and is rewarding me for my karma ..I have nothing to say except thank you 🙂 .

Bring in the energy in me, oh mighty Lord always stand by me……kindness and benevolence are your traits ……..thank you for showering your blessings in the most graceful way

On this note I thank all my readers for sparing time to read my post and for being a part of this celebration called ” Life” 🙂 .

It’s happiness all the way


What if one day you turn into a clown? A clown who has so much to say, so much to tell about life. But with his one gleeful smile life seems to be a cakewalk. But ask him whether life has been so easy for him? Pat comes the reply,”No”. You will wonder then why he smiles and always cheer up people. Let me tell you the answer. Happiness is the state of your mind. When you are happy, you love to see beautiful things around you. Your positive aura motivates others and makes them also feel happy.

But I always wonder then why do people forget to smile in difficult times? Maybe because it’s human temperament or maybe it’s because we are never satisfied with what we have and always nag for things which others have. Honestly speaking , I really idolise a few people I know who have gone through the twists and turns of life but they still extracted a smiley moment from such experience and emerged victorious.

I believe that happiness is a lost art. It is a skill which each one of us possesses but the only difference is that we all have got so much involved in this rat race that we have unlearnt this art.

So go ahead and spread a smile each time you feel like and soon when each smile turns into a laugh see how life reveals the beautiful part of it. And always remember that each day you turn that smile into a gloomy straight line you only pave the way for the monster to reside by your side. So what are you waiting for…go and earn some browny points and let’s see who wins in this fast track race of being happy.

P.S. Winners get the key to a happy joyful life. 😀