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My first Interview @ Grant Thornton – Part I


I guess the title certainly gives you an idea of what the post is all about. ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally I got my first break and that too at an MNC. Little butterflies throttled my stomach as I proceeded to give my first “official ” interview. Riding to Gurgaon dressed in formal at 7 in the morning with theย mist just setting in. And within next one and a half hour I entered the corporate hub. There was just one thing in my mind “to give my best shot and utilize this opportunity to the hilt”. Finally I reached the office on 21st floor, DLF city square. What a rosy site !I mean I was absolutely spell-bound by the corporate culture. And with those small steps I entered the office remembering that just one and half-year back these steps entered the school classroom enjoying the company of the steps of my classmates ๐Ÿ™‚ . I went to the reception and the lady directed me to be seated in the conference room. And what next ? I was followed by 16 more people vying for the same post . I hardly interacted with anyone. Most of them were either graduates or had aย year work experience. I thought I was absolutely naive in comparison to them. But what helped me keep my hopes intact was that today at such a young age I am competing with professional’s who already know the tricks of the job. Finally the head of the HR department arrived. I filled up the personal information form, next a pre- interview form assessing my strengths, weakness, my interests, my hobbies, my academic achievements etc. Next was the written test round. From here on eliminations took place. A one hour test assessing general awareness, knowledge of accountancy, mathematical soundness, English and finally a logic test . The test got over at around 12:15 pm. Next, lunch was served. And finally results were declared. I was chanting god’s name and was praying hard that please don’t take this opportunity away from me ( I already had an altercation with my mother who was absolutely against the idea of going for an interview which is another long story ๐Ÿ˜› ). Finally the HR head announced my name in the second place. 12 people were selected and remaining 4 were rejected. Without any break now I had to face the HR. In the sequence the names were announced I went for the HR round. ” Good morning ” I mumbled. “Good a-f-t-e-r-noon Arpit” :). Oops! my first mistake but that was overlooked as I had an entertaining conversation with the lady who was in her late 30’s carrying a gleeful smile after each of my reply. The other one was I guess assessing my body movements and silently noting down something. Finally she abruptly ended the conversation and said ” you performed well in the written test as well as HR round which means you have qualified for the manager round ” ๐Ÿ™‚ .And I felt ecstatic. In the next 20 minutes I had my lunch and was the first one to be called for the manager round. This was the second last round which meant I was just 2 steps away from becoming a part of the GT family. Finally the manager came in , greeted me and started with his task. A series of questions were bombarded by him simultaneously testing my knowledge of accountancy , audit and taxation which I think I handled confidently and correctly. The session lasted for another 20 minutes. He told me the HR will contact you for the next round as the person who was going to take the next round will be coming next week. I felt relieved. So its been 2 days since the interview and I am patiently awaiting for a call for the final round. Every time my mobile rings I pray that it’s a call from GT . So still I am praying and awaiting for a call. Lets see what happens in the coming week as I am keeping my fingers crossed but whatever the end may be but this was my first BIG BREAK and will always remain the most special one.

P.S.- Finally after 3 days of cold war my mother broke her silence and talked for the first time. And what about her opinion now? She has always been supportive and will continue to be. ๐Ÿ˜›