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It’s Mother’s Day!


“You always stood by my side, cradled me when I was a child. And now after so many years you are still there for me, loving me, understanding me, oh mother I give a bow to thee”

She is an unrealistic yet a Goddess image. She blooms when her flower’s are budding; she saddens when her young one’s are crying. Yet she ensures that her children get what they want even if she has to sacrifice her own wants. She actually acts as a mirror of life, reflecting the light of life into the gloomy dreams and wipes off the tear’s when life leaves you in sheer strangeness and misery. Her love knows no prejudice, yet one day when you leave her to an old age home she greets you with the same affection and smile. Forgiveness, kindness and benevolence are her inherited traits but in this world of monsters the Goddess is feeling frail.

So let us all come together on this Mother’s Day and pay homage to all her countless sacrifices, her affectionate love, her kindness for we must not forget that what we are today is all because of her.

So go grab some wonderful gift for the lovely lady or nonetheless even spending time with her will make her feel special as there is no other better gift for the love of life then love itself.