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A bow to my past


When present becomes monotonous, just take a back seat and let the life takeover you. This is what I have been doing for the past three to four days and thought to share my experience with you all.

Well, life took me to a pleasurable journey to the past. The journey was destined to discover the happy moments I spent in my ancestral home back in Rohtak. It was a house cum haveli which was located on the edge of the street. You had to climb up the road to enter into the street. Probably the largest house in the lane it attracted many eyes of the property dealers and neighbors who were always willing to buy it for any amount of money.

The haveli had large red colored doors which opened into a small space leading the way for an enchantingly large verandah. With creepers climbing up on the opposite wall of the verandah and the moss which grew on the wall usually due to the rains gave it a lush green color adding up to its charm. It was a hub of all our daily activities as it linked the kitchen, the petite rooms and the bethak (living room). Well it was in this verandah only where my parent’s sangeet ceremony was held. Not to forget, when all my cousins got together it brought life to this place. Read the rest of this entry