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A meeting with plagiarism


This is what I would call the height of plagiarism . Last night only , I checked my orkut account and I had a visitor . So lets name him as Mr Copy Cat . Now this gentlemen who seemed to feed upon the creativity of others actually copied my entire description “about myself” from my orkut account( not an issue , after all people may have similar personalities, sheer coincidence?). Not only this it included one of my self composed verses – “A dice called life”( another coincidence ..enough!). This actually left me fuming and thoroughly disgruntled. But as it is said any publicity is good publicity , so I have decided not to confront him .Another reason being that since it is a social networking site so you cannot prevent visitors from copying the material from your personal profile 😦 . But I do seek my readers suggestions on this issue as that post was my very first piece of creative writing and being it , I do not want to lose it to such an unethical act .