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Shhh……. I am dreaming !


“Dreams are like walk into reality , the sooner you realize them the bigger and the better is the picture, sometimes dim, sometimes bright and sometimes just a myriad thought waiting to take a wing.”

I dream, you dream , we all dream ( and some even day dream 😀 ) . But what do we dream of ? Something which is close to our heart, something which we yearn for and something which is nourished as a secret desire in our conscious and subconscious mind . A dream is an opening to a world where the imagination has no bounds , where reel is actually real and where we are no less than the vision of our eyes painting the picture of our aspirations , our longings and our passions.Its just like a waking wish fulfillment in amidst of the monotony playing on our sides .

I have had several dreams , dreams which were point blank, dreams which depicted my wishes, my longing for things which I cherish the most, dreams of my secret desires , dreams which sometimes left me in tears in reality and dreams which wanted to say something but left me clueless as I searched for the answer.

” It was a big hall with sun baked walls and huge windows on the adjacent sides. There were chairs , tables and it seemed some class was in procession but without a teacher…….. unfamiliar faces and there I was seated on the last bench near the window. I had my invisible head laid on the table and I was talking to someone.midnight_dreams2……someone I knew ……..” but your name is so weird !” I remarked ………..”can you please repeat it ?”….”%@$$$$$” ……” oh so how do you pronounce it?” I inquired “shriiii%%$$”. I couldnt get the pronunciation……..and then there was sudden darkness in the hall ……lights went off . The wind started blowing as if it could tear us away into nothingness .And there it was ……booming…..bigger and bigger . Its tips sucking away whatever came by its way…. it was approaching towards us…. I went into hiding under the table as there was no other shelter . And than it rolled over us and there I saw it take her away as she smiled and bid her final adieu. I tried to pull her back and wanted to know her name ……..but she was gone…… who was she ……. a friend? a classmate? an acquaintance?But I had no answer. The tornado took her away……. and than there was silence. I leap out of the window. The sky looked like a beautiful painting of shades of yellow and fuscia pink ……. the downpour had started as if someone was crying aloud for a long lost. And than from nowhere came a postman . He gave me a parcel. It looked like a gift but clumsily packed . I asked him for whom it was? It was for “shrii%%%$$” . He told me it was her birthday today. But she was gone ………………….I asked ” Who send it “?.He answered “Her father” .I looked for the date . It was send today itself and with a message ” shri%%$$, your father is dead”. I shrieked . My nerves froze . I couldn’t move a muscle.Just than I began to run towards the entrance of the hall……… and than a blue , icy wave stood still as if waiting for somebody …….I was petrified with a regret ..I couldn’t pronounce her name……and I knew it was the end ……..the wave crushed me ruthlessly and I drowned but the last words I heard was “POSEIDON” .

Lost in the whirlpool, I landed back again into reality. It was 7:30 a.m. in the morning. My sister was getting ready to leave for office, mother had already left for her school and I sat upright, awake just remembering what I saw.This was the weirdest of all dreams I have ever had. But it was left open ended.

The word Poseidon left me wandering. I searched for its dictionary meaning but it didn’t exist . While writing this post I searched for it on Wikipedia and it stated “Poseidon was a major civic god of several cities: in Athens, he was second only to Athena in importance; while in Corinth and many cities of Magna Gracia he was the chief god of the polis. In his benign aspect, Poseidon was seen as creating new islands and offering calm seas. When offended or ignored, he supposedly struck the ground with his trident and caused chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks. Sailors prayed to Poseidon for a safe voyage, sometimes drowning horses as a sacrifice.”


I thought it was interesting enough to write about , though I myself didn’t have a clue of what it meant…….but may be it was some omen ……….something bad had come to an end with the wave washing away everything . That girl had something to say. Something was hidden in her name which I couldn’t understand ,was it an indication of something which was going to happen in the future, was it my longing for experiencing a tornado (weird 😛 )……but it was another episode which had a dramatic end. 😀

PS– This post is an effort to revive my sleeping blog. This time I was serious on shutting down this blog for no reasons. But I am glad I discussed this issue with Withering Willow and Sulz. Both felt I was burned out at blogging and I should take some time off and let it go easily. I never thought of shutting down this blog in worst of my dreams …..rather I felt relaxed at blogging as it got me new friends, a domain to share my views and my opinions. So thank you both of you for preventing me from doing so and thanks to all my readers for showing your touch of appreciation  and constant support because of which I have decided to give it another chance .

I hope you liked this post, though it is still a little weird for me but I think that wave was an indication of washing away of this burnout of blogging and I am glad it happened 😀