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A prison of thoughts


It gave me a shudder in my neck when I woke up last night,

petite it was as if ready to take a flight,                      2

I gave a glance to it, oh! what a beauty it was,

Alas ! don’t take away my snitch, it shouted with aplomb,

I passed forth a dark knight, blissfully carrying it in a crimson pouch,

who knew what it prophesied when I saw it again sitting on a couch,

the snitch prophesied  the sky will turn black when you touch my knee,

I bent to touch its knees, when it passed me the key,

open me up , you are my master , you are my dream,

the key unlocked it , whizzing through the room perfectly like cream,

you gave me freedom, you gave me pride, keep the snitch with you,

as a token of  my joy, for you are my master , you are my sky,

I am  nothing but a thought who escaped the prison with a sly.

A friend who never bothered to be a friend………


“Life is like a cocktail, but I will serve it to you with my mock-tale.”

So, here I go with my tale while you enjoy your cocktail…

I had a friend “Kekda” (that was the nickname given by me to “K”). He was with me since sixth standard. A very sweet, soft spoken person who was there anytime to lend a helping hand. I enjoyed his company because he always brought a smile on my face and it felt good to be with him (after all who does not wants to be surrounded by optimistic and cheerful people). I remember clearly, never ever did any of my friend wished me on my birthday (because it was during summer vacations and all went on for holidaying and relaxation), but he always wished me and has never missed even a single birthday till date (though now others have started wishing me thanks to online networking sites, but it hardly makes any difference).




All seemed to be a smooth ride till last year. Since he opted for science stream in eleventh standard we got separated. I somehow was able to sense that this friendship might not survive the tide of time but I just prayed to god that no matter what it may be we still remain as good friends. I tried my level best to keep up with the passing time, but all efforts seemed to be futile. It didn’t really matter if he wasn’t in my class, but I wanted to keep up with the interaction like during the lunch break or at time of dispersal. But as it is said that one cannot clap without two hands, I think in my case also the other hand was missing and that was of “K”. My frustration and anger started building up when I had to wait for him like 10-15 minutes even after the dispersal outside his class with my other friends , but he never showed up as he found a bunch of “hip and hap friends.” Not once, but it started happening frequently. Finally, I knew it was all over. Though we never had any fights or arguments, but I think time has its toll on everything. I remember, I used to wait for my cab alone at time of dispersal and he used to stand there on the opposite side of the road enjoying a hearty treat of ice cream with his new found friends. I felt bad that he still couldn’t realize what he was heading towards.

It is said that there are certain things which are not under your control and may be I was expecting too much out of him that ultimately this friendship had to go off. Maybe he had started thinking that being with me would make him ” less happening ” just because I was a nerd ( or a padaku as everybody called me, but I never felt bad , rather I pity on them because they missed on every learning opportunity that the school life offered ).

Today, his exams were over and I too was online but he didn’t even dropped to say a “hi.” I cursed myself for saying someday that he was one of my “good friends.”

“K”, if somehow you are reading this, maybe you will understand me. I forgive you for whatever you did (may be you were right or may be I was expecting too much), but today I also give you my other hand for a clap to end this friendship with a small prayer in my heart to almighty to give you success in all your ventures in life. Amen…

So, your cocktail is finished and my friendship has ended virtually on this blog. I guess there are certain friendship which are never meant to blossom, but I thank “K” for always bringing a smile on my face.